Integrating Magento Shopping Cart Software into a Retail Ecommerce Website

Any retailer willing to offer customers the option of buying products online can benefit from increased profits. Customers have the freedom to make purchases when it suits them, from the comfort of their own homes.

This means they are not limited to shopping during business hours, so your website could be increasing revenue even when the storefront is closed. Essentially your website becomes your most dedicated salesperson, working for your retail business around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While this sounds like the ideal way to increase sales overall and keep costs to a minimum, far too many retailers have no idea how to set up an ecommerce site that actually works.

This is where Magento shopping cart software can be incredibly helpful.

How It Works

The Magento shopping cart allows visitors to your website to add any product they want into their account. When they have made their choice, they are able to keep browsing through the rest of your catalogue.

Once they have finished shopping, they choose the option to check out. They are taken to the payment processing page, where they can enter their credit card details via the secure payment platform.

When the payment is processed, you receive a notification of the order. Your staff selects the items from stock and ships them out to your customer. It really is that easy to semi-automate your retail sales, as long as you have the right software integrated into your ecommerce website.

Linking to your POS Software

If you already have retail POS software operating for your business, you will already understand its importance. The ability to monitor and control stock levels is vitally important, especially if you have more than one outlet. This lets staff know whether a particular item is available.

Of course, you may also have a retail ecommerce website running alongside your brick-and-mortar shopfronts. Staff members still need to be able to see if any products have been taken from stock from online sales.

Linking your retail POS software to your online shopping cart software gives you the ability to see statistics and numbers at a glance. It really does enable multi-channel retailing more easily than you would expect.

The Magento Ecommerce Software Difference

Magento retail POS software does not need to be installed on a local computer or on an expensive server. Instead, it is hosted remotely. This improves security and makes it easier to access data from any location without having to be logged into the primary store computer.

This is because information is stored in a single central database. It also reduces the risk of data corruption and allows you to view information in live time.

Your Magento ecommerce software can be linked to your POS software, increasing visibility across your entire retail business. It makes logistics and warehousing much smoother too

Customer Relationship Management

Magento software allows you to use the information you receive from your POS systems and your ecommerce systems to improve customer relationships. You can generate reports that show customer purchase behaviour. This is ideal for identifying emerging trends or patterns in how repeat customers shop.

It is also ideal for marketing purposes, as you can also integrate branded loyalty cards to encourage repeat business.

With so many obvious benefits, it is easy to see why Magento shopping cart software and Retail Express POS software can enhance any retail business.

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