Leaps in Magento Development Results in a New Generation of POS Retail Software

Retail Express is a leading company at the forefront of Magento development to improve and enhance point-of-sale retail software for maximum benefit to retail store owners. Many retail store owners already understand the challenges of maintaining effective stock control, even while they’re focused on strong point-of-sale software to monitor sales. Yet, the ability to increase the effectiveness of any POS software package can easily allow a retail store owner to maximise profits and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Good quality POS software should also allow any store owner to integrate e-commerce sales into the system. This allows customers to make purchases online through a website using a secure Magento shopping cart, which increases convenience for them. At the same time, this delivers a way for retailers to increase sales overall. The real benefit to this is the ability to have all online sales that come in through the shopping cart software recorded alongside real-world sales taken over the counter. This reflects stock levels in live time for more effective inventory control, and displays real time sales figures for more accurate daily reporting. Retail Express strive to ensure that their Magento e-commerce solutions and POS systems are as cost-effective as possible, while still offering maximum advantage to retailers. This is done by offering retailers 24/7 secure online access to the software from any computer in the world.

This removes the high cost of having to install software across multiple computers individually in multiple stores and makes it far more cost effective to operate across an entire network. It also provides a highly effective POS software solution with much lower operating costs, as there is also no ongoing IT maintenance to consider.

For more information about Magento development for e-commerce shopping cart software, please visit: http://retailexpress.com.au/

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