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Retail Express has solidified its presence as a premiere ecommerce web design company, servicing retailers and providing thousands of clients with a competent online POS system.Retail Express, a top web development firm based in Australia with clients all over the world, has solidified its presence as a premiere ecommerce web design company, servicing retailers and providing thousands of clients with a competent online POS system. The company is a top developer of the Magento ecommerce solution and is an expert of the Magento web design system.Magento is a functional ecommerce platform that is lauded for its easy and very customizable framework. Its shopping cart software is considered as one of the most flexible merchandising technology used by many online stores.Partnering with Magento gives Retail Express the edge over other POS Australia development firms, as the company can create a more impressive and comprehensible online presence for its clients.Building a website takes more than just setting up a storefront. Considerations like usability, sales conversion and customer retention or repeat visits have to be part of the process of development. Studies show that many online users are more likely to keep coming back to the store if all of these aspects are present in a site with a good design framework.As an expert of the Magento ecommerce platform, Retail Express delivers quality Magento web design that provides the site with a professional look and feel, as well as functionality and navigation that is user or shopper friendly.Automation is vital to running an online store. Even if the business operation is small-scale, managing, tracking and record keeping of orders, invoices and inventory are all time-consuming tasks that can take much from a retailer’s ability to give consumers quality service. If a good web system is set in place, such as using Magento web design, the online store becomes a lot more efficient. For retailers, this is an investment you can make that will deliver the ROI faster than you would expect.Are you eager to get started with running your store on the Internet? Contact Retail Express to get advice on your options or request a quote and proposal. Visit the website at for more details.Looking to fast track your growth with a smarter POS System? Contact the Retail Express team today on 1300 732 618.

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