Retail Express Brings Retailers Integrated Webstore Solution with Magento Shopping Cart

Retail Express helps retailers increase sales and cut costs with an integrated webstore solution via the Magento shopping cart. Nowadays, any retailers looking to succeed must have an online presence. The first thing consumers do when they want to buy a product is check online for information, discounts and retailers offering the best prices and services. Once a customer finds the item they are looking for at a price they consider fair, they are likely to order it on the spot. This leaves many retailers out in the cold, especially if they do not have an online purchasing option. By implementing shopping cart software, retailers significantly expand their target market and also see a rise in sales. Via an online store, retailers can take further advantage of impulse buying.

Additionally, once a customer reaches the website, they are more likely to browse the variety of products and make even more purchases than they would if they were in the store. This is because there is no pressure for them to buy, which removes many objections they might come up with while on the premises. Retail Express offers their clients an easy and quick method to set up an online store, thanks to the new Magento shopping cart software they offer. The Magento commerce solution allows retailers to set up a branded store, which can be used to reach an even greater number of prospects as they are no longer limited by physical location. In combination with the many effective marketing tools Retail Express provides, like loyalty programs and special offers, retailers can increase their turnover and reduce their costs significantly. The online store operates as an integral part of the existing business, with inventory updates in real time and much more, making life much easier for any retailer looking to expand to the world of online retailing.

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