Retail Express Launches Flexible, Cost-Effective Retail POS Software for Australian Businesses

The ability to tailor a point of sale software system to suit any retail business offers far more flexibility. Retail Express offers cost-effective POS software solutions that can be tailored to suit any retail business across Australia. A truly effective POS system can be the key to increasing profits for many retail businesses. The right system should allow any retailer to more closely monitor stock control across multiple store fronts. It should also offer plenty of flexibility to report on sales figures from any computer via the Internet.

Choosing an online-based POS system offers far more freedom for retail managers to check on stock numbers and sales figures without the need to be at the actual computer that handled the sale. Online POS solutions are available from any computer with Internet access, so it’s possible to log in even after business hours to run reports. Retail Express specialises in retail-specific point of sale systems that offer 24/7 online access. As there is no expensive software to install on local computer systems, this keeps operating costs to a bare minimum. It also alleviates the need for expensive servers and ongoing IT maintenance.

The ability to integrate shopping cart software into an ecommerce website also helps retailers boost sales and raise revenue. Offering customers the ability to make purchases online encourages more people to buy, even outside regular store hours. Yet it’s also important to have an ecommerce system that can be integrated into your POS software as well. This allows business owners to track stock more effectively and report sales figures more accurately, as there is no need to open separate software to check online sales as compared to in-store sales.

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