Types of POS systems for different retailers

We’ve certainly come a long way from the simple cash registers and hand-written ledgers of old. These days, no matter what you’re selling or where your selling it from, there’s a sophisticated point of sale system to suit. Let’s take a look at the various types of POS systems available for retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Counter-based point of sale systems

There’s a reassurance and ritual to taking items to a store’s front counter for payment. So the traditional payment terminal POS system isn’t likely to disappear any time soon. For most retailers, their setup consists of a PC or Laptop, POS software, barcode scanners, cash drawer and receipt printers. Your POS software should be enabled to suggest up-selling and cross-selling options for your staff, as well as in-depth reports on sales and stock so you can adapt to demand appropriately. Cloud-based software will enable you to add new payment terminals with ease as well as giving you up-to-date, live information on inventory, logistics and sales.

Mobile point of sale systems

Counter terminals still have their place for most stores, but retailers no longer need to be tethered by wires either. With flexible mobile POS systems for tablets it’s easy to set up a mobile system that links directly to your true inventory and updates data in real time. Your staff can approach customers on the shopfloor and make the sale directly. They can show products and access pricing whilst they’re with the customer, including at trade shows or pop-up stores.

Online point of sale  – eCommerce

Today’s online shoppers expect to get the same level of service and experience to what they get in-store. The more consistent, seamless and valuable you can make the ecommerce store & checkout process, the better chance you have of converting interest into sales. Choosing an ecommerce platform that integrates mobile responsive design, reporting, logistics and inventory will ensure your online store is easy to operate and manage.

Omni-channel point of sale

For a truly best practice approach, your in-store and online sales operations should be running off one integrated system. That means one platform to manage and monitor your stock levels, pricing, customers and other crucial data. Avoid having to make that call to your online customer apologising that they won’t be getting the goods they’ve purchased because you sold the last remaining stock in-store earlier that day – but your website wasn’t up to date. Today’s consumers have more choice than ever, they won’t accept excuses for such examples of disconnected systems.

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