Why Will Businesses Benefit From Using Inventory Management Software?

Retail Express offers cloud based inventory management systems, designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and grow sales. We have been market leaders in point of sale systems since 2006, delivering real time data to medium to large businesses. There are many reasons why businesses will benefit from using our inventory management systems, a few of which are outlined below.Manage StockYour business success or failure can depend on how well you are able to manage your stock. Our inventory software is fully integrated with our POS software allowing you to increase profits through intelligent control of stock. Retail Express helps you understand your customers buying patterns and act accordingly, through our integrated inventory management software. This will ensure you have the right inventory on hand and available for your customers when they want it. Our point of sale solutions not only show you how much stock you have on hand, it can trigger re-orders automatically if you like. Additionally, the stock control system is able to tell you which supplier is offering the best price.Manage Cash FlowOur point of sale software allows you to monitor cash flow and sales activity, understand buying patterns and control your inventory accordingly. You may choose to offer discounts through certain shops, for example your online shop. Our inventory management system facilitates this, allowing you to offer discounts on items and track multiple prices, which results in more opportunities for sales across the board.Real Time Access to InventoryYou are able to use our POS system to find out what items are moving quickly and what is sitting on the shelf, in real-time. This allows you to make informed decisions and to strategically re-order or move stock, as well as keep up with trends, in a timely manner.Fully Integrated, User Friendly InterfaceWe offer a simple, easy to use POS solution that your staff will be able to learn quickly and painlessly, saving you both time and money. The user-friendly interface can be up and running quickly and there is full integration from the original point of sale right through to inventory management. This ensures you are able to access real time information and make informed business decisions. It is our aim with our POS systems to offer an outstanding user experience.Efficient Time ManagementA simple scan system is used to run stock takes and can be done during business hours, again saving you time and money. The inventory management system not only reduces time spent on stock takes, but on all stock management tasks.Other key features of our POS systems include the ability to capture buyer behaviour. You are then able to use this information for targeted marketing, create loyalty programs and more importantly, provide an overall better customer experience. It also features a comprehensive suite of reports available at your fingertips.In summary, it is clear that having too much stock on hand will cost you money, as will not having enough. Our retail software allows you to maintain inventory levels in real time, even with multiple sales channels, regardless of how big or small your operation is. If you are looking at POS solutions, Retail Express leads the way in Australia.Looking to fast track your growth with a smarter Retail POS System? Contact the Retail Express team today on 1300 732 618.

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