How a multi-store New Zealand retailer uses data-led insights to grow their global omnichannel retail presence

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Return on investment results

An inspiring omnichannel success story, Cactus Outdoor reach the following benefits after switching to Retail Express:

Create a strong international omnichannel presence – allowing them to sell everywhere

Real-time insights on inventory levels, supply chain costs – allowing them to be fully informed and make better business decisions

Calculate optimum inventory mix for each store based on real-time data

Make data-led decisions on manufacturing product lines – to maximise sales potential

Use data to conduct appropriate forecasting – across all stores and channels

Personalise email marketing campaigns – to reap more and larger sales

Double revenue through seasonal promotions – based on automated customer analytics and marketing tools.

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The Company

Based in New Zealand, with Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington stores, Cactus Outdoor was founded by local NZ outdoor enthusiasts 30 years ago. Since its inception, the business has continued to make exceptional-quality outdoor gear that’s ethical, dependable, good for people and good for the planet.

Cactus Outdoor has built a loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts and trade professionals for many years. Then in 2019, a major global boom in the outdoor apparel industry amplified their desire to expand their retail offerings.

The Problem

Like many retail businesses, as Cactus Outdoor grew, so did their requirements. They desperately needed an advanced retail management system to give them real-time insights to optimise their local manufacturing capacity. And, with only two stores at the time, they needed to control stock in their limited retail floor space carefully.

Their geographic isolation was also an issue. Keen to cash in on the global outdoor apparel boom, the business needed to reach more people than those tucked far away in New Zealand. After researching various software options, the team switched to Retail Express in 2016.

The Solution

Cactus Outdoor manufacture through independently owned factories in New Zealand. This choice allows them to have greater control over their exceptional quality and be more agile in production runs to respond to customer demand. 

With Retail Express, Cactus Outdoor can easily view reorder levels for all products, stores and suppliers, track unit costs, inventory levels and supply chain status for all locations and calculate optimum inventory mix for each store based on real-time data

These functions have ensured the company invests their finite manufacturing capacity and store floor space in the right product lines and have appropriate forecasts across all stores and channels.

The Software

Cactus Outdoor apparel and accessories

The Results

Cactus Outdoor has grown its global omnichannel retail presence using Retail Express in several key areas:

  • Optimising manufacturing investment: Using data-driven insights to optimise local manufacturing capacity and retail floor space.
  • Doubling revenue of seasonal promotions: Using the powerful customer analytics, reporting and marketing tools within Retail Express, Cactus Outdoor has doubled its sales on some of its key campaigns.

“We paid particularly close attention to tees and jandals and adjusted the price to increase sales. This saw us double sales from the previous two months,” says Gregg Hagen – Chief Operating Officer at Cactus Outdoor. 

  • Using data to make decisions on key seasonal sales: For example, they could identify slow and fast-moving stock for their March sale, then combine them for each week’s promoted products. 

They also use Retail Express’ CRM and loyalty features to identify trade professionals eligible for their “Pro Users’ discount” across the product range. They promote this program at trade shows, in-store and online. Cactus Outdoor can quickly generate targeted list of their Pro Users for highly relevant email campaigns.

Retail Express plays an integral part in Cactus Outdoor’s omnichannel retail plan. It has made it easier to expand their product portfolio, range of customer segments, geographic coverage and online sales.

Retail Express has helped Cactus Outdoor team become another successful digital transformation retail case study, with the insights and operational tools needed to drive growth, all in one integrated cloud system.

The advanced reporting capability allows Cactus Outdoor to analyse its product portfolio and identify which product lines are performing well, moving slow, or require marketing investment.

“The greatest power from Retail Express is the reporting. It allows us to be fully informed when we are making tough decisions that could have a big impact.” 

- Gregg Hagen, Chief Operating Officer

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