How a multi-store sports nutrition retailer boosted profits through better visibility & reporting with omnichannel POS software

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Return on investment results

Saw year on year reductions in over & under stocks

Significantly improved profit margins through better visibility & reporting

Rapidly grew eCommerce sales with omnichannel integrations

Confidently expanded store network through benchmark tracking

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The Company

Supplement Mart was founded over ten years ago when brothers Adam Williams (then a PT) and Chris Williams (then in marketing) launched a small nutrition supplies store in a local fitness centre.

Today, Chris and Adam have expanded their business into a national sports nutrition and supplement chain with 36 stores across Australia.

The Problem

Previously running their stores with Vend, Adam and Chris began to experience increasing limitations and data integrity issues as their operations grew. They found it hard to maintain visibility over each store and product performance, creating increasing uncertainty as they invested in expansion.

Chris and Adam were looking for POS software that could integrate well with their eCommerce operations. And they wanted something that would help grow their online sales to give them the control and visibility required for their reporting, fulfilment processes and sales.

“Our biggest driver for growth has been our ability to grow our margins. But we can’t grow the margin and expand into new locations or product areas without seeing which are performing well and which are performing badly.”

- Chris Williams | CEO & Co-Founding Director

The Solution

In 2016, Supplement Mart discovered Retail Express and began working side-by-side to implement the POS software. The objective was to integrate all their business systems, along with their eCommerce platform, to build one centralised omnichannel solution.

Integrating a new solution can often be time-consuming and daunting for retailers. Still, the team credited Retail Express for their always-on support from Day 1. They patiently worked with team members who hadn’t previously worked with retail software to build a new solution quickly.

Supplement Mart also took their chance to shift its eCommerce platform from Magento to Shopify and integrate this with Retail Express. The plan was to minimise disruption for staff and shoppers while implementing more powerful systems. This would give Chris and Adam more control over their margins and aid in strategic financial decisions — with less time spent on manual tasks.

“We’ve found it really easy to solve questions using the knowledge base first, so we don’t have to reach out too often. But when we do, there’s always someone on the end of the line who already has the answer. And it’s been like that from Day 1. We can’t fault the support.” - Head of Inventory

The Software

The Results

Since joining Retail Express, Supplement Mart can now increase their retail store locations without constraints while also increasing profit margins. With the help of centralised smart reporting, Supplement Mart efficiently shifted its eCommerce and fulfilment integrations. And they gained the much-needed confidence in the data they required to attract new investors. 

Now armed with powerful sales and data reports, centralised fulfilment and a smart customer database, Supplement Mart has become another omnichannel success story, positioning itself as a leading force in the sports nutrition space.

Powerful sales & reporting data to increase margin & business activity confidence

As retail companies grow and stores are added, maintaining a complete view of business performance can become murky if you don’t have the right systems. 

But with Retail Express’ powerful reporting and analytics over the performance of stores and products, Supplement Mart has been able to keep a grasp on its margins and identify over and underperforming areas quickly. 

CEO and Co-Founder Director, Chris Williams, emphasised the impact data clarity has had on strategic business decisions. From product and store growth to reporting to potential investors, you can always rely on the clarity of data for an accurate picture. 

“The biggest thing Retail Express has allowed us to do is give us the belief in the quality of our inventory, sales and margin data to give us the confidence to grow the business.

“Confidence is a big thing. We know we can make decisions and be backed by data.” 

Centralised replenishment & fulfilment

Automating stock replenishment and handling interstate orders has been made easy with Retail Express’ centralised fulfilment solutions

Whether splitting fulfilment across different store locations, ensuring well-performing stock is always on hand and pulling back on others to avoid overstocks — Supplement Mart has handled it all from one system with Retail Express. 

Supplement Mart’s inventory reporting and stock-taking accuracy also improved year on year since implementing Retail Express. And with more accuracy and fewer complications comes more control and an improved bottom line.

Slickly segmented database for better omnichannel promotions

 Supplement Mart’s promotions mostly come through working alongside third party suppliers — whether discount codes provided to loyal gyms or eCommerce partnership promotions. 

Using Retail Express’s built-in customer database and promotional capabilities has allowed Supplement Mart to set up online and in-store promotions quickly. And it enables them to track which partners contribute the most to sales. 

Now, the team has the confidence to always rely on Retail Express to store their customers purchasing history and profiling information for accurate marketing communications. 

“There’s great functionality with the loyalty and customer database. We can confidently structure our Retail Express promotions we offer via third-party partners and track which perform the best.”

Making onboarding easy & mitigating the risk of staff shortages

Staff shortages have been on the mind of many retailers across the world. And while Supplement Mart has navigated the past two years without shortages, they know their systems are primed to make onboarding productive and easy for new staff.

CEO & Co-Founding Director, Chris Williams, credits Retail Express for their user-friendly system that makes onboarding staff simple and can be used by anyone regardless of their level of technical competency.

”The inventory management side of Retail Express is 10/10. We can easily delegate what stores can handle ordering on their own, what stores to oversee and be able to make mass orders for the whole company. It’s a great feature.”  

- Adam Williams | COO & Co-Founding Director

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