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Informed Retailer Case Study
Brava Lingerie

How an award-winning Australian retailer is using Retail Express omni-channel cloud software to pave the way in an untapped women’s category.

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“Advanced features allow us to stay ahead of our competitors, and provide a truly seamless experience. Retail Express provides sophisticated reporting tools that leave no stone unturned.”
– Maxine Windram, Brava Lingerie Co-Founder

Return on Investment Summary

Award-winning retail Pioneer

Founded in 2006, Brava Lingerie have not only identified and met a market need, they’ve done it with a passionate focus on their customers, recently winning Best Customer Service Team and Best Online Customer Service initiative at the 2019 Retailer Awards.

They cater to the 40% of the Australian female population who wear bras with a cup size of DD or higher. Traditionally, lingerie retailers have only carried 20-25 different sizes resulting in a sub-par category offering. Brava Lingerie offers 108 sizes.

“As a society, we are uneducated about lingerie sizing with the majority of quality lingerie manufacturers being in Europe. Many Australians grapple with the idea of a DD cup-sized woman, but in fact DD cup is a very regular size”— says Lin Windram, Co-Founder Brava Lingerie.

Brava have now risen to become Australia’s leading store for D-K cup lingerie, swimwear, sports bras, maternity bras & bridal lingerie.

A Platform For Growth

When Brava Lingerie looked to expand from a single store operation back in 2010, they knew the basic software they were using at the time would not support their growth.

Reassured by a track record of working with flagship Australian multi-store retailers, they adopted Retail Express as their platform of choice.

Fast forward to today and Brava Lingerie now have a team of 40 employees, operating 6 stores across two states, with plans to launch 6+ more stores in the next five years.

Brava Lingerie POS Case Study

Reducing inventory Costs by 30%

Brava Lingerie identified early on that they were holding 30% more stock than they could afford.

With Retail Express, they were able to view stockturns, identify slow moving stock, and dramatically improve their inventory efficiency. During stocktake, variances are tracked within Retail Express to accurately pinpoint where errors have occurred.

Full visibility allows Brava to share accurate data with staff, and together they can continue improving processes and minimising errors.

The team are now able to use multiple methods to calculate reorders, minimum stock quantities, run rates, and sales forecasts for any business or supplier.

Centralised buying is now possible as inventory ordering is automated based on minimum stock levels. Although store managers still provide feedback on inventory, they now do not have to spend hours reviewing it manually.

Brava Lingerie POS Case Study

Personalised CRM, Loyalty & Marketing

With tools to track and record customer product feedback, Brava Lingerie are able to deliver highly-personalised service to their customers.

For example, a customer can feedback on which bras did or didn’t fit well when trying on in-store and this is captured in Retail Express. Next time they visit the store, employees can recall this and quickly help to find products that are most suited to that specific customer.

This helps to make customers feel valued and also helps to maximise average order value. This vital product feedback has also been used to shape some of Brava Lingerie’s best-selling ranges.

With the ability to segment customers based on purchase history and product preferences, newsletter open and conversion rates have significantly increased. Open rates have reached 30% versus a Mailchimp industry average of 19.6%.

By recording a customers birthday month whilst they are making a transaction, Brava Lingerie are able to send a gift voucher to further build loyalty and drive repeat purchases.

Brava Lingerie POS Case Study

Powerful ecommerce integration.

Brava Lingerie’s e-commerce webstore integrates directly with Retail Express.

Real-time stock levels at all stores means customers can collect items at their local outlet. As source and fulfilment can easily be selected, they are able to ensure the quickest delivery option for customers, especially for online orders.

The result is a truly omni-channel shopping experience and better business efficiency.

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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