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Informed Retailer Case Study
Flair Jewellery

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“The support we get from Retail Express is exceptional – whether it’s a request by phone or email.”
– Peter Turner, Owner

Return on Investment Summary

Instant visibility in the cloud

Moving to the cloud has enabled better management tools, accessible from anywhere.

Flair Jewellery were previously running on a server based platform, not in the cloud and they were beginning to encounter a lot of issues that were restricting their growth.

With the benefit of the cloud, Peter can now keep an eye on what’s happening in his stores no matter where he is – at home or in the Bahamas!

Making the switch easy

With a dedicated project support manager, Flair Jewellery were able to move across to Retail Express with no fuss.

“Within just a few days, our staff were trained, our stock was installed in the software and we were up and firing, ready to go.”
– Peter Turner, Owner

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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