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Footwear retail is tough. An average customer experience just doesn't cut it anymore.

You know that today's consumers expect a wide range of products that are immediately available in their size and a completely seamless, omni-channel shopping experience.

You know that getting this right would make you a leading player in your category. Whilst getting it wrong may mean you quickly lose market share and become obsolete...

But with thousands of SKUs and multiple stores & channels to manage, it's easier said than done - and your current software is NOT helping...

multi-store footwear pos system

Your existing retail software is hindering your growth, and you know it.

You need to be more agile but your current IT systems are slowing you down.

You're trying to reduce operating costs but your software is one of the biggest overheads you have.

You don't have a centralised view of your inventory, customers and products.

Slow, manual and inefficient processes are costing you hours of productivity.

You recognise you need to be truly omni-channel but your online and in-store operations aren't set up to achieve it.

Your data is in silos and you're unable to use it to make informed, well-thought business decisions.

Managing inventory for multiple stores and channels is a nightmare.

You're wasting thousands of dollars due to overstocking and understocking.

There's a number of solutions in the market, but nobody does multi-store software like we do.

Basic, entry-level POS software vendors:

Lack the hands-on support and retail expertise that our team provides.

Don't offer a Point of Sale with all the tools you need to maximise sales and service.

Don't fully integrate your In-Store and eCommerce operations for omni-channel success.

Can't effectively handle advanced inventory and fulfilment across all your stores and channels.

Make it difficult to create customer groups or run advanced loyalty campaigns.

Expensive enterprise-level software systems:

Require expensive consulting and in-house IT Staff to manage.

Charge you high annual licensing and maintenance costs.

Have exorbitant prices for on-boarding and integrations.

Are clunky, complex and difficult to use.

Are very slow to develop new features and can't adapt quickly in an unpredictable market.

Do not have local support experts who understand retail and your business.

“Without Retail Express, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as much as we did. Without a doubt, I’d say take a look at it.”

— John Harrison, Owner, Footgear

Create an amazing
in-store experience with our intuitive cloud POS.

Equip your stores with the right tools to consistently offer a differentiated in-store experience and maximise sales.

Easy but powerful POS designed by retailers for retailers.

Direct integration to EFTPOS, Afterpay & Zip.

Get powerful ‘Google like’ predictive search with tailored cross-sell/upsell recommendations.

See your customer's full profile with the transactions, lifetime value, store credits, vouchers and loyalty info, at the POS.

Avoid lost sales due to walk-outs by engaging your customers in-store or at pop-up stores with tablet PC compatibility.

Keep the sales rolling in even when your internet is down with Offline POS mode.

Hand over the product to your customers without delay, with live notifications at the POS for Click & Collect.

multi-store footwear pos system

Effortlessly create matrix style products, with size, colour and variants.

Track unit costs, pricing, inventory and supply chain status for every single SKU across all your locations.

Easily edit product info and update data in bulk with our intuitive management tools.

Expand to new locations without worrying about inventory and supply chain management — Retail Express is built to help you scale easily.

Schedule permanent price markdowns in bulk for outdated products and stop holding stock that doesn't sell.

multi-store footwear pos system

Build a professional, integrated eCommerce presence that also drives traffic in-store.

Integrate your physical stores with your Shopify/Shopify Plus, Magento, WooCommerce or BigCommerce site(s).

Sync all your key data such as inventory, customers, orders, products and pricing across all channels.

Leverage your entire stock from all your physical stores online and maximise sales potential.

Deliver orders faster with Ship From Store.

Drive in-store sales by showing live Stock-in-Store and offering instant Click & Collect.

Generate cross-channel gift vouchers that can be purchased and redeemed in-store and via your Shopify store.

Connect multiple eCommerce sites to your stores and run one single business with everything in sync.

pos system for multi-store footwear retailer

Build personal, lasting relationships with your customers from day one.

Attract, retain and reward customers while actually making a profit. Increase the lifetime value of customers and repeat sales.

Capture visitor details using in-store surveys and build customer groups for targeted marketing.

Create loyalty programs that actually make a profit with advanced features like minimum redemption spend thresholds, points expiry dates and bonus multipliers.

Create exclusive promotional incentives for different customer groups and configure the rules and rewards exactly how you want to ensure healthy margins.

pos system for multi-store footwear retailer

Run the back-end of your business with a few clicks.

Avoid wasting time and money on administrative tasks. Focus on your customer, double your productivity and minimise understocking and overstocking.

Save costs by avoiding understocks and overstocks with data-driven inventory planning.

Get ready-made reports on key metrics in your business such as which stock is low and who your best customers are.

Create reports that you can quickly bulk action like marketing campaigns to filtered customer groups or scheduled price changes to products that aren't in trend.

See all orders to fulfil and goods to receive in a single dashboard.

pos system for multi-store footwear retailer

Make informed business decisions with accurate, actionable reports.

Shoes come in all sizes and shapes. Manage all this in-depth product data efficiently with Retail Express. Use reports to understand your customers and sell better!

Effortlessly manage complex product portfolios with different brands, colours, sizes, styles and other product variants.

Track unit costs, pricing, inventory levels and supply chain status for every single SKU across all your locations.

Get ready-made reports on key metrics in your business and find the opportunities and risks to take action on.

Create reports that you can quickly bulk action like marketing campaigns to filtered customer groups or price changes for products that aren't in trend anymore.

Customise your reports, create Excel pivot tables and build next-level dashboards with our leading BI tool integrations.

pos system for multi-store footwear retailer
multi-store footwear pos

Manufacture? Wholesale? B2B? PLM?

No worries, we've got you covered with our Sync ERP integrated solution for Apparel & Footwear retailers.

Optimise processes across your entire value chain from sourcing & manufacturing through to in-store and online buying experiences.

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Need amazing range planning?

Visualise your range like never before with our Style Arcade integration.

Plan your perfect product and size mix based on your actual sales trends. You can even instantly upload your Line Sheets/Buy Plans including images!

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Set Custom Attributes for Products

Segment your products by different attributes and create category specific reports that give you insights into your business.

Sort and filter your data

Make your reports easier to understand and analyse by sorting your data using columns with variables and multiple filters for suppliers, attributes, dates and more.

Apply Changes in Bulk

Download your data into Excel, apply changes and re-upload them easily. Edit products, attributes and prices in bulk.

Offline POS mode

Keep the sales rolling in even in the rare event that you lose internet connection, with offline POS mode.

Loved by thousands of Australian & NZ retailers

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“After we made the switch to Retail Express, we were able to finally see our inventory numbers in real-time, allowing us to win more sales and eliminate waste."

- John Harrison
Business Owner

“We selected Retail Express due to their unrivalled depth of customer analytics & loyalty features.”

– John Carroll
Managing Director
multi-store footwear pos

Get all inclusive, best-in-class support from local retail experts.

Our support team is made of retail experts based in Australia. Get fast, reliable all-inclusive support. Because we believe in partnerships, not transactions.

Phone and email support from retail experts
Fully equipped knowledge portal

Integrate with other leading business software.

Integrate with leading eCommerce, accounting, payment and other software to reduce doubling handling, improve productivity and provide a seamless customer experience.

Automatic, timely updates

Get access to the latest features and upgrades – without any IT actions needed on your part.

Affordable cloud POS solution

No extra fees for key features such as loyalty programs or quick support. Retail Express is easy and affordable!

Secure cloud platform with 99.9% uptime

Secure your data & ensure smooth operations with Microsoft Azure's enterprise-grade infrastructure, based in Australia.

Easy and intuitive software

Retail Express is easy to use—so you can get started right away, without the need for extensive manuals.

Retail Express was made by retailers, for retailers.

Retail Express powers thousands of Australian and New Zealand retail stores with advanced POS software. We give retailers the tools they need to accelerate their growth and succeed in today’s hypercompetitive retail terrain.

For over 16 years, Retail Express has supported over 5,263 retailers and drivenover $50 bn in AU and NZ retailsales through a combination of advanced software features, outstanding support and unparalleled industry expertise.

Sail through the challenges of modern retail with Retail Express.

Cut down on duplicate work and exceed your customers expectations in-store and online. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

“I don’t think we would be the successful multi-store business we are today if we didn’t begin with Retail Express.”
— Grant Mayo, Nutrition Warehouse

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