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Bulky goods retail is challenging. Multiple stores and channels make it even harder.

Every order consists of products from multiple supply sources, with different stock availability, different ETA's and fulfilment methods.

You and your staff are constantly on phone calls between your warehouses, stores & suppliers, trying to meet promises made to customers.

But you're having to do everything manually and feel like everything is out of control - all because your software doesn't support multi-store, bulky goods retail.

You want to deliver an outstanding customer experience and profitably scale, but without the right systems it's impossible.

Your current systems are hurting your profitability and customer experience.

You need to be more agile but your current IT systems are slowing you down.

You're trying to reduce operating costs but your software is one of the biggest overheads you have.

You don't have a centralised view of your inventory, customers and products.

Slow, manual and inefficient processes are costing you hours of productivity.

You recognise you need to be truly omni-channel but your online and in-store operations aren't set up to achieve it.

Your data is in silos and you're unable to use it to make informed business decisions.

Managing inventory for multiple stores and channels is a nightmare.

You're wasting thousands of dollars due to overstocking and understocking.

Basic, entry-level POS software vendors:

Don't cater to the complexities of managing inventory & fulfilment in bulky goods retail.

Don't provide a Point of Sale with all the tools you need to maximise sales and service.

Lack the Australian-based, hands-on support and retail expertise that our team provides.

Have limited integration capabilities when you build your online store.

Make it difficult to create customer groups or run advanced loyalty campaigns.

Expensive enterprise-level software systems:

Require expensive consulting and in-house IT staff to manage

Charge you high annual licensing and maintenance costs.

Have exorbitant prices for on-boarding and integrations.

Are clunky, complex and difficult to use.

Are very slow to develop new features and can't adapt quickly in an unpredictable market.

Do not have local support experts who understand retail and your business.

“Retail Express slashed admin hours from store and warehouse while allowing our customers to get accurate ETA’s. It’s saved us over 450 labour hours per week and is critical to our competitiveness.”

- Corey Davison, National Operations Manager of Johnny’s Furniture

Offer your customers faster, more convenient fulfilment options with precise ETA's.

Provide your in-store staff with total visibility & control within the POS so they can deliver a great customer experience.

Organise home delivery, store pickup and warehouse pickup with just a few button clicks - no calls or paperwork needed!

Sell from inbound containers before the stock has arrived and allow pre-orders. Never say no to a customer ever again.

Sell products from suppliers that you currently don't hold stock for — create special orders and arrange for store pickup or home-delivery at a later date.

Combine multiple payment types, fulfilment methods and source locations in one single order and save time.

Schedule and track product ETA dates from POS based on real-time supply chain statuses.

Offer partial dispatch to allow your customers to get the products you have in stock right away.

pos system for multi-store store furniture

Save wasted hours on bulky goods fulfilment and supply chain admin.

Deliver goods to your customers in an acceptable time frame, without the unnecessary back and forth. Save countless hours of admin work every week.

Get real-time visibility into your inventory and know the stock status of each product across every store.

See all customers waiting for stock contained on incoming PO's, view outstanding orders and directly fulfil orders off recently landed PO's.

Distribute products directly to customers or stores with almost no handling or storage time with cross-docking.

Integrate your operations and your suppliers with your warehouse or 3PL partners.

pos system for multi-store store furniture

Create an amazing
in-store experience with our powerful Point of Sale.

Go beyond your customers' expectations. Make transactions faster, smoother and more profitable.

Easy but powerful POS designed by retailers for retailers.

Directly integrate with your EFTPOS, Afterpay and Zip.

Get powerful ‘Google like’ predictive search with tailored cross-sell/upsell recommendations.

See your customer's full profile with transactions, lifetime value, store credits, vouchers and loyalty info, at the POS.

Automatically calculate the deposit due amounts for new orders, based on pre-set rules.

Keep the sales rolling in even when your internet is down with Offline POS mode.

Hand over products to your customers without delay, with live notifications at the POS for Click & Collect.

pos system for multi-store store furniture

Drive sales with fully integrated eCommerce and targeted marketing.

Be prepared for the future of furniture retail. Drive more online visitors with buying intent in-store with unified eCommerce.

Drive in-store sales by allowing customers to check stock online and pick up the product instantly in-store, with live Stock-in-Store and instant Click & Collect.

Leverage your entire stock from all your physical stores online and maximise sales potential.

Capture visitor details using in-store surveys and build customer groups for targeted marketing.

Create loyalty programs that actually make a profit with advanced features like minimum redemption spend thresholds, points expiry dates and bonus multipliers.

pos system for multi-store store furniture

Eliminate overstocks and understocks with automated store replenishment.

Track buying patterns, get alerted on low stocks and manage your inventory efficiently, with accurate inventory reporting.

Let the platform calculate the optimum inventory mix for each store based on real-time data & actual demand.

Factor in variables like run rates, supplier lead times and all stock statuses to better plan your inventory.

Review recommended reorder levels based on smart algorithms and auto-generate Purchase Orders.

Automatically allocate stock required for store transfers to avoid double selling to other customers.

multi-store furniture pos system

Easily manage suppliers, imports & COGS for healthier margins.

Track all the moving parts of your business with greater visibility of your import and supply chain operations. Balance competitiveness and maintain margins with up‐to‐date data.

Make imports easy by tracking container status & ETA dates, managing cashflow and getting capacity planning right.

Get control over purchase order variances, and track your landed costs and margin impact in your preferred currency.

Get an estimate of your gross profit and cost of goods sold by applying freight costs & discounts to purchase orders.

Use just one master order to centralise purchasing for all stores, to all vendors.

Add freight and duty costs into your prices for better margin management.

multi-store furniture pos system
multi-store furniture pos system

Set Custom Attributes for Products

Segment your products by different attributes and create category specific reports that give you insights into your business.

Sort and filter your data

Make your reports easier to understand and analyse by sorting your data using columns with variables and multiple filters for suppliers, attributes, dates and more.

Apply Changes in Bulk

Download your data into Excel, apply changes and re-upload them easily. Edit products, attributes and prices in bulk.

Offline POS mode

Keep the sales rolling in even in the rare event that you lose internet connection, with offline POS mode.

Loved by thousands of Australian & NZ retailers

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“Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system."

– Corey Davison,
National Operations Manager

“When it came to rolling out Retail Express, it was really easy – the implementation team were there for us from the start, the training was great and there were plenty of support materials. Our staff at both head office and store level found it very easy to embrace”

– James Rigden
Co-Founder, Superette
multi-store bedding pos system

Get all inclusive, best-in-class support from local retail experts.

Our support team is made of retail experts based in Australia. Get fast, reliable all-inclusive support. Because we believe in partnerships, not transactions.

Phone and email support from retail experts
Fully equipped knowledge portal

Integrate with other leading business software.

Integrate with leading eCommerce, accounting, payment and other software to reduce doubling handling, improve productivity and provide a seamless customer experience.

Automatic, timely updates

Get access to the latest features and upgrades – without any IT actions needed on your part.

Affordable cloud POS solution

No extra fees for key features such as loyalty programs or quick support. Retail Express is easy and affordable!

Secure cloud platform with 99.9% uptime

Secure your data & ensure smooth operations with Microsoft Azure's enterprise-grade infrastructure, based in Australia.

Easy and intuitive software

Retail Express is easy to use—so you can get started right away, without the need for extensive manuals.

Retail Express was made by retailers, for retailers.

Retail Express powers thousands of Australian and New Zealand retail stores with advanced POS software. We give retailers the tools they need to accelerate their growth and succeed in today’s hypercompetitive retail terrain.

For over 16 years, Retail Express has supported over 5,263 retailers and drivenover $50 bn in AU and NZ retailsales through a combination of advanced software features, outstanding support and unparalleled industry expertise.

Sail through the challenges of modern retail with Retail Express.

Cut down on duplicate work and exceed your customers expectations in-store and online. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

“I don’t think we would be the successful multi-store business we are today if we didn’t begin with Retail Express.”
— Grant Mayo, Nutrition Warehouse

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