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Informed Retailer Case Study
AMX Superstores

How a multi-store, omni-channel motorsport accessories retailer has equipped its employees with the right tools to deliver an outstanding customer experience and optimise its inventory management processes.

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“Our employees always remark about how easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful the Retail Express POS is. It means our experts are equipped with the right tools to get the best products into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible.
It helps us to create an experience where customers keep on coming back and see us as their go to destination.”
– Rob Farrimond, Business Manager

Return on Investment Summary

Creating a 'Go-To' Destination For Motorsport Enthusiasts

With everyday sale prices on a huge range of the biggest brands and expert staff that are passionate about the sport, AMX are truly a one stop shop for motorcycle apparel and accessories.

Starting in Melbourne in 2008, they’ve steadily grown into a national network of large format superstores across Australia as well as a burgeoning online store.

AMX pride themselves on helping anyone who visits their stores to quickly identify the right products for their needs at the right price. They recognise that equipping their expert staff with the right software is paramount to achieving that outcome. That’s why they selected Retail Express – to power new levels of customer service and business growth.

AMX Case Study

Profitably Scaling from 3 to 14 Stores With Retail Express

Since adopting Retail Express in 2013, AMX has grown from 3 to 14 stores and their plans to expand are not stopping there, with multiple stores being added to the group every year!

Retail Express has played a key role throughout this journey, helping to consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience and manage increased business complexity.

“Retail Express has been with us as we’ve expanded from a small retail operation to a nationwide chain of superstores. The system is able to scale with us and helps us consistently deliver an efficient service, whichever store a customer visits.”
–Rob Farrimond, Business Manager

Easy, intuitive POS fuels an Outstanding Customer Experience

Store employees use the powerful predictive search functionality within Retail Express POS to quickly find products and stock levels, solving the customers needs as quickly as possible. If there isn’t available stock within the store, staff can effortlessly create a stock transfer from another store to secure the sale and source the product the customer wants.

AMX Case Study

Agile Inventory Management:
In-store & Online

AMX leverage the inventory management capabilities within Retail Express to ensure they have an accurate ‘source of truth’ of live stock levels across all of their stores.

On their eCommerce store they are then able to leverage all the inventory from across their store network to maximise product availability and therefore sales. Stock availability in their online store is based on live data from Retail Express providing customers with more confidence to purchase.

AMX have also been using the Automated Replenishment capabilities with Retail Express to ensure the right inventory levels are supplied to each store. Inventory purchasing is now being based on smart algorithms that factor in sales run rates, supplier lead times and all stock statuses.  

“The Automated Replenishment function in Retail Express has enabled us to become more agile in securing stock, purchasing smaller volumes more frequently based on actual customer demand. We’re more likely to be able to have the stock available to give customers the products they want, without running the risk of being overstocked.”
–Rob Farrimond, Business Manager

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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