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Informed Retailer Case Study

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“Retail Express has all the key benefits and features for a growing retailer.”
– Andrew Keogh, Director

Return on Investment Summary

Effectively Managing Multi-Store Inventory With Real-Time Data.

One of the major challenges for Bags to Go with 27 stores across the country, was knowing what stock they had and in which store it was located.

“Using the reporting features in Retail Express, we’re now able to track our inventory much better and ensure that we never over or understock on our key selling lines."
– Andrew Keogh, Director

Given their data is all in the cloud, there is no waiting for downloads and uploads to occur. All their inventory information is live data. Key staff can keep track of best sellers and move stock around as needed.

Bags to Go POS Case Study

Increase Sales With Repeat customers

With the marketing and loyalty features of Retail Express, building ongoing relationships with customers is so much easier. It’s certainly easier to retain existing customers than find new ones.

Bags to Go can profile their customers as they come in store and then easily track and reward them with birthday vouchers or loyalty points.

Guided Rollout to all stores at once

In order to ensure a successful rollout to their entire store network, Bags to Go were appointed with an expert Implementation Manager from Retail Express who was there to provide a structured program and answer all their questions.

“Once live, our staff were able to pick it up and learn as they went.”
– Andrew Keogh, Director

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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