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Informed Retailer Case Study
Sunny's Discount Variety

How a multi-store discount variety retailer has equipped its employees with the right tools to deliver an outstanding customer experience and optimise its inventory management processes.

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“What used to take me an hour and half to complete, now takes me just 5 minutes. We’re definitely saving a lot of time with the introduction of Retail Express into our business.”
– Rob Pepers, Owner

Return on Investment Summary

Real-time data in the Cloud

With 5 self-owned stores, a warehouse and a franchise as well, accurate and live data is invaluable for Sunny’s to ensure managers and staff are working off correct data.

With Retail Express, sales reports, inventory counts, incomings and outgoings are available anytime - all without the need to sync with a server over night.

One Order For All Stores

Before the move to Retail Express, managers at Sunny’s had to move to another computer to access the back office and it was rarely syncing with accurate data before they made an order.

Now, their data is accurate and they don’t have to leave the POS saving time and money invested in correct inventory.

Transfers are now a breeze

With their old system, doing a transfer was a long and tedious process.

“We had to come out of the POS screen or access a different computer entirely to do a transfer while the customer was waiting” says Rob.

Now, they can sell from another store instantly or do a bulk transfer quickly without leaving the POS. This allows managers to continue with important sales and customer service rather than admin.

“Ordering stock is definitely easier and a lot faster with Retail Express. I have the option to create one head office order and it can be auto created across all the stores and of course managers have the ability to update it before it is sent off.”
– Rob Pepers, Owner

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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