6 Advantages Of Using An Inventory Control System In A Multi-Store Business

Juggling multiple stores and locations? Learn all the advantages of using a real-time inventory control system, made for busy multi-store retailers.
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Retail Express
February 2, 2024
Aaron Blackman
CEO & Founder
Retail Express
February 2, 2024

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • What advantages a powerful inventory control system brings to your multi-store business
  • How to efficiently manage and optimise your stock
  • Compiling and reviewing inventory reports to understand your sales and customers
  • Why a cloud-based inventory system is a smart move
  • How you can maximise staff time and efficiency even as you expand store locations
  • How to tailor your marketing and promotional materials to specific customer information

When looking for an inventory control system for your multi-store business, it’s important to find POS software that allows you to operate all of your retail outlets as one while still looking at them as stand-alone businesses. Here at Retail Express, we built our POS solution to expand with your business, and enable you to keep control and visibility of all your stores.

Let's go over the key advantages of using a powerful stock control solution as you expand your stores.

6 advantages of using an inventory control system in a multi-store retail business

Stock can be better managed

Effective inventory management software allows you to watch the movement of your stock in real-time, so you can optimise your inventory. Whether you want to move stock between stores to avoid overstocks and understocks or notice your gaps in demand, real-time inventory optimisation results in agile decisions and more profits for your business.

You gain a better understanding of your sales

Great point of sale software will give you a very clear indication of what is selling and when. When you can review inventory reports easily from your inventory management system, you can effectively plan sales, create marketing campaigns and design loyalty programs based on data. Information gathered from your inventory control system can also be used to see what sells well together and identify up-selling opportunities.

Centrally stored data you can rely on

Using an inventory control system in your multi-store business is a smart move, as all your data will be centrally stored. Retail Express provides a cloud-based central database where all your point of sale information is securely hosted, giving you peace of mind and enabling real-time access to all your management systems anywhere, anytime.

You'll save time and money

Having a single, central POS solution will save you time and money, especially if you have a multi-store business. Having multiple systems, logins and manual processes don’t just cost you money in operating costs, but costs you in the labour and admin hours you and your staff spend trying to run them all.

A centralised inventory control system means you can expand your stores without adding on new features, and keep your inventory management, point-of-sale, eCommerce, marketing and more parts of your business in one place.

Your customers get a better experience

Point of sale inventory control systems provide you with valuable insights into buyer behaviour. When you can plan your stock replenishment and visual merchandising based on customer demand, you’ll know you’re targeting your audience accurately and with a great return.

Knowing what your customers like also allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns, all in the same system. You can keep track of how they interact with promotions, build loyalty programs to suit them and encourage repeat customers.

Second-to-none ‍reporting and intelligence

A point of sale solution needs to provide real-time information for single and multi-store retail businesses. Retail software ensures you will always have your finger on the pulse, no matter where you are in the world. With Retail Express POS you will get real-time customer, inventory, sales, staff and supplier information, allowing you to make timely business decisions and maintain the visibility over your business that you need.

Gain more control and visibility over every store you own with an agile inventory control system

If you’re looking to find out more about inventory control features that can help you control a multi-store business you need when it comes to picking a pos system, get in touch with us for a free demo. Retail Express was built by and for the Australian retail industry.

With Retail Express POS, you can get local phone support in under 60 seconds from an expert with real retail industry experience to help you with all your inventory and supply problems.

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