Cloud-based retail enterprise POS software that's feature-rich & affordable.

Get powerful retail enterprise POS software with an intuitive in-store platform at a lower price. Enjoy all the out-of-the-box features that on-premise systems offer, and less stress with easy project implementation. Plus, you'll enjoy a faster ROI.

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We make digital transformation easy so you get your ROI quickly

Enjoy all the capabilities of an on-premise system

Integrates with what you have, from apps to hardware

Intuitive in-store POS with a powerful back-end system

Low project failure & outstanding AU-based support

Personal Success Manager with an ex-retail background

Australian-based support team will take your call < 60 seconds

Short project timelines and customised implementation

With added profitability and adaptability

No expensive investment and licensing, IT teams or servers

Quick, automated software updates; no action required

Easy to learn and use with fast staff uptake and training included

Even more omnichannel capabilities then traditional enterprise solutions

Leverage best-in-class omnichannel capabilities

Integrate your ERP and leading apps to save on tech stack

Integrate multi-store products and business planning

Sell a lot easier with deeper eCommerce integrations

Personalise loyalty programs across all stores and online

Supercharge inventory, fulfilment 3PL & EDI operations

Integrate multi-store inventory planning and control

Advanced stock transfer, Click & Collect and order fulfilment

Supply chain and vendor management, including special orders

Use these apps to integrate and save on your ERP

"Then we discovered Retail Express and were really impressed by its ability to automate key processes like stock replenishment, unify our online and in-store operations and deliver a single-customer view for personalised marketing."
Henry Lee
Napoleon Perdis CEO
“We needed best-in-class but cost-effective software that allowed us to be digitally enabled, manoeuvre quickly, offer amazing customer experiences and be highly efficient in all the channels we now operate in.”
David Lyford
Managing Director
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Get staff up & running faster and save on IT costs

Easy-to-use POS empowers in-store staff efficiency

Easy-to-learn, smart in-store POS with cross-sell/up-sell

Store and role-specific access levels to the system

Save on training costs with role-specific online learning portal

Keep your business running non-stop with a cloud system

No premise tools, hosting services or IT support required

Secure cloud-based storage, accessible 24/7 from anywhere

Adapt quickly to changes and system requirements

Reduce reporting admin & get actionable insights across all operations & stores

Actionable insights that benefit the entire business

Insights on trends, products, stores, customers and more

Go beyond meaningless numbers with actionable reports

Take action faster, with more confidence and less effort

Powerful and deep reporting for the whole business

Pre-built and ready-to-use reports for multi-store retailers

Drill down on performance of products, stores, suppliers & more

Free management training to get the most out of your business

The best implementation & service by a team of professionals who’ve all worked in AU & NZ retail

All-inclusive and risk-free implementation​

A personal Success Manager to guide you every step of the way

Have your unique retail needs during implementation

We do all the heavy lifting so you’ll be up and running in weeks

Data migration​, hardware setup and training program all included​

Local, world-class customer service

Always deal with an expert – all our staff have retail backgrounds

< 60 sec Australian-based phone support response time

Head office and in-store staff can speak with experts in seconds

All training includes with a self-paced online learning portal

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From CEO to customer service teams — you’re dealing with experienced professions in retail. It’s why we created Retail Express — to help retailers get industry-expert service backed by a powerful retail-built platform, all in one!

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