shopify pos integration
shopify pos integration

Easily generate any retail insight you'll ever need with just a few clicks.

Get instant visibility of the performance metrics critical to omni-channel success with The Retail Score and Retail Express.

shopify pos system

Capture, analyse & act on critical retail metrics with The Retail Score and Retail Express

shopify pos integration
Capture accurate, centralised, live data across all your stores & channels
shopify pos integration
Publish live web-based performance insights across your organisation and run deep analysis of all of your REX data in Excel.
shopify pos integration
Get all the key retail metrics pre-calculated for you and find insights for any date range
shopify pos integration
Automate your reporting and analysis processes to save valuable resource time
shopify pos integration
Automate your reporting and analysis processes to save valuable resource time
shopify pos integration
shopify pos integration

#1 POS Software in Australia & New Zealand

In-Store Point of Sale

Integrated eCommerce

Streamlined Inventory Management

Customer CRM and Marketing

Smart, Automated Fulfilment

Powerful Loyalty and Retention

Advanced Reporting and Insights

shopify pos integration

Powerful Retail Business Intelligence Software

Customer insights and purchase history

Sales, margins and budgets data

Products & assortment data

Inventory & purchasing history

Pricing, promotions & discount data

Stores and channels information

Supplier and staff insights

shopify retail pos

Instantly get precise, live data - in whatever report format you like.

The direct integration between Retail Express and The Retail Score provides an unrivalled, cloud-based Data Warehousing, Analytics and Retail Operations Management solution.

You'll have access to a fully functioning data warehouse using your Retail Express data plus the option to integrate additional datasets.

With all your Retail Express data accessible and analysable in Microsoft Excel and an intuitive executive portal, you can easily build reports on every key metric you need to thrive.

Spend less time building reports and more time actioning insights.

Publish live performance insights at Head Office and Store level via your online portal.

Enable power users to run deep analysis in Excel.

Leverage 1000s of pre-configured calculations on key performance metrics including stock position back in time.

Automate your reporting building and distribution to save valuable resource time.

Easily publish and share your team performance to create a culture of accountability.

shopify retail pos

Every reporting feature you need and then some...

Seamlessly integrate data from a wide range of sources including Sales & Product Budgets, Payroll, digital marketing, eCommerce and Time & Attendance.

Easily slice and dice data and get complete control over level of detail (high level or detailed drill downs).

Publish reports via automated email to a broad audience and use the cube for unlimited ad hoc queries.

Power users can directly access a data cube via Excel and create advanced analyses that auto-refresh utilising any metrics and dimension in the data warehouse.

Easy to navigate reports and dashboards accessible on any device and includes out the box analytics covering a broad range of functions.

shopify pos integration

Get on-demand visibility on all key retail metrics

Sales & Margin data- Revenue/COGS/Margin vs. budget, Returns rate vs. budget, Basket analysis.

Customer history- First/Last Shopped, Shopper Traits (Shops Category X), Total Sales, Returns Rate.

Stores & Channels data- Bricks v Online v Wholesale performance, Transactions over $X per store/channel, Custom Location Attributes.

Inventory data- Current inventory + full stock history, Stock Cover, Sell Thru rates, Stock retail value based on Full Price v Discount, Full Purchase Order detail.

Pricing data- Discount v Full Price sales, Price Point analysis, Pricing trends, Discount v Margin tracking.

Staff data- Items per transaction, Average Transaction $ Value, Performance Trends, Time & Attendance.

Supplier level data- Purchases, Stock and sell thru rates, full detail on stock returns, adjustments and discounts.

shopify pos system

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