How Nutrition Warehouse grew into a national, multi-store chain with Retail Express

Learn how ambitious sports nutrition retailer, Nutrition Warehouse, set their business up for expansion and fuelled their national growth with Retail Express' automation, powerful data and seamless supply chain visibility.

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Return on investment results

The Company

Fuelling Outstanding Growth

Nutrition Warehouse started with Retail Express with only 3 stores and have grown be one of the largest fitness nutrition retailers in Australia.

The Problem

Saving Money By Reducing Over Stocks

Prior to Retail Express, Nutrition Warehouse had issues where they were consistently $10,000 to $20,000 overstocked in their stores.

“Multiply that now by all our stores and we’d have serious cashflow issues” said Grant Mayo, Founder & CEO.

Now with Retail Express across all of their stores, Grant has real time visibility across all his stores from anywhere in the world – sales, gross profit and how much stock they’re carrying.

The Solution

Purchasing Is Now A Breeze

Saving time and money by placing one, accurately informed bulk purchase for all stores.

Nutrition Warehouse use their buying power to make one order from a supplier and distribute to all their stores. So, rather than taking each store manager away from sales instore, their purchasing manager can take care of it all from one location.

With Retail Express the smart inventory control algorithms provide precise insights on what stock levels should be ordered for each product and then streamlined purchasing management tools.

“With visibility of our stock across all our stores, we can ensure we’re never over or understocked” said Grant.

The Software

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The Results

Detailed Customer Profiling

Nutrition Warehouse are able to build their database right at the point of sale and then market to each segment as and when needed.

Nutrition Warehouse collect individualised data on not only demographics like age and gender but they also pin point exactly what products the person is buying and has an interest in – whether they prefer vitamins or body building. They then use this data to target different segments with the right messages and promotions.

“Not only does Retail Express save us time but it also helps with marketing the products through our database prior to the products arriving.” said Grant.

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

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