Advantages of Using Point of Sale Software for Multi-Branch Stores

As a busy retailer, it can be challenging enough to run just one store, but when you are dealing with a whole chain of outlets, it can almost seem impossible. That is why, when looking for a point of sale software for a multi-branch retail business, you need to look beyond normal standalone POS systems to an all-in-one POS solution that incorporates accounting, inventory management systems, and order processing for multiple branches. The best multi-branch point of sale solutions will help you manage your business as a single, coherent entity, rather than as a group of disconnected elements. Benefits of this approach include:

  • Staff and inventory can be better managed, resulting in less downtime and fewer lost sales
  • Inventory management is improved, with reduced excess stock and stock shortfalls
  • It gives you a high-level view of overall performance

Taking the birds-eye view of your business

Having a POS system that uses advanced multi-store stock management and order tracking is primarily about achieving better customer satisfaction. Instead of requiring that you call or visit other stores, the point of sale software should be able to instantly check the customer’s order status, or the the availability of a particular item, regardless of the store your inquiry is made from. As well as preventing potential loss of a sale to a competitor, this is also a great way to build customer loyalty. Plus, having all the data you need at the press of a button can save you and your staff a significant amount of time and effort. One of the biggest benefits of multi-branch retail software is the ability it gives to the business owner to view buying patterns, identify problems, and spot trends across all stores. This data can be formatted into reports that contain key retail data – such as sales figures, costs and margins, profits, inventory valuations, projections, reviews and more – in an easy to read graphical format. It can be used to identify which items are selling better than others, and to help with the planning of seasonal sales, loyalty programs, special events and more.

Smarter inventory tracking

If you have a multi-branch point of sale software that also offers in-store access to a centralised inventory management system, then having surplus stock at a store does not have to be a problem, because it is accessible to customers across the entire chain, not just at that location. Even if you lose a sale because an item was at the wrong branch, you can still use this data to find better ways to distribute stock across branches. Customers’ buying patterns are always in flux, and keeping ahead of the curve requires the best POS systems. Retail is a competitive game, and it’s important that you have the right tools on hand.

Safe and secure data

Multi-branch point of sale software should be designed so that it can be used any time, any place. A centralised database makes this possible. Your retail data is stored securely in one place, and backed up regularly. This also means you can access the most powerful retail functionality for less cost, with virtually no investment in equipment and infrastructure. Retail Express offers point of sale software for multi-branch businesses. With our system managing all your branches, your business will be able to operate as a unified whole – which means greater efficiency and success as it evolves and grows.

Looking to fast track your growth with a smarter Retail POS System? Contact the Retail Express team today on 1300 732 618.

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