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Join us at XeroCon 2013 to hear Retail Express Managing Director, Aaron Blackman present how former Mr World, Grant Mayo took his Nutrition Warehouse retail business from 1 store to 14 stores in just 4 years, using Retail Express. The session starts at 11:30am on Friday 30th August in Room 6a.Entitled 'Accelerating The Growth of a Retail Champion', you will hear Grant’s success story and learn how utilising a cloud-based Point of Sale& Inventory Management system can transform your clients’ Retail business. Aaron will demonstrate how Nutrition Warehouse was able to surge ahead of their competitors by taking advantage of live visibility of stock across all store locations, real-time access to critical business information and a powerful built-in Loyalty & Marketing system.Want to learn more: email to book your own 10min Online Demonstration of our software.Follow Aaron on Google+Looking to fast track your growth with a smarter point of sale system? Contact the Retail Express team today on 1300 732 618.

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“The greatest power from Retail Express is the reporting. It allows us to be fully informed when we are making tough decisions that could have a big impact.”
— Gregg Hagen, Cactus Outdoor • 2 Stores

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