How Retail Express’ Franchise POS and Stock Control Software Can be a Boon to Franchise Businesses

Retail Express offers some of the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive yet exceedingly easy to use franchise POS and stock control software. The effectiveness of what the company offers has been proven many times over; a wide range of adopters, including franchise retail groups, have benefited greatly from making this solution part and parcel of their day-to-day operations. A franchise is defined as a business model that involves the license of business trademarks and methods to entrepreneurs. There are two forms of franchising: first is product or trade name franchising which involves the right to use the trademark or name of an existing business; and business format franchising which involves the setup of an arrangement between franchisee and franchiser, and hence involves an ongoing business relationship between the two. Whether or not frequent meetings and correspondences may be required between franchisee and franchiser, POS solutions can be of significant assistance for those engaged in either type of franchising business.

In business circles, setting up a franchise business can be an excellent way of striking a balance between wanting to be one’s own boss and taking on the risk associated with entrepreneurial ventures. Whatever the venture, Retail Express’ POS software can help provide both franchisers and franchisees with the tools they need to help these ventures succeed and meet their own objectives while keeping in mind those of their partners and even helping them succeed on their own terms. For one, Retail Express maintains a platform that is tailor-made for the franchise model, most especially the second type of franchising. It respects the needs of both franchisers and franchisees. In a nutshell, it can help group head franchisers maintain the information flow between them and their franchisees, while also allowing the franchisee the flexibility it needs to maintain his or her independence from the franchiser. Second, Retail Express’ POS powerful software solution also gives franchisers the ability to manage product and merchandising should they require this capability. Such maintenance is essential to maintain consistent product information across the board. Franchisers can, for instance, maintain product information at their level, and then make this information available to franchisees in real-time, allowing for easy synchronization and instantaneous flow of key information between these partners. Third, head offices can obtain and maintain the capacity to acquire live and aggregated reports and other such information from franchisees as they require, via a consolidated group reporting feature.

Despite the fact that franchisees always maintain operational independence, head offices can still easily access this data as they need to. This not only eases flow of information but also helps reduce administration time – in many cases significantly so – for each franchisee, thus helping streamline operations. These and other such benefits are the reasons why Retail Express’ POS retail solutions deserve serious consideration for both franchisers and franchisees.

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