Free Up to a Third of Your Administration Time Using Retail Express Systems

Hundreds of single store, multi store, and franchise group retailers are reducing their administration time by up to 32% while simultaneously increasing their ‘return on stock’ by an average of 8% per annum by using Retail Express: a POS and retail inventory management software backed by the power of the cloud, and hosted on an $85 million data centre. Retail Express uses the cloud to offer a number of services that greatly reduces the time required to manage your business by tackling two key areas: inventory management and POS.

Inventory Management

Poor inventory management can cost a company millions in unrealised profits and excess stock. Retail Express includes an Intelligent Ordering System which can optimise your stock levels while overcoming the issues of warehouse and logistics nightmares, cumbersome stock transfers, poor data reporting and faulty record keeping. Other inventory features like mass uploads of products via Excel, automatic stock transfers, integrated web stores, and a live data stream allow you to monitor and manage real time data across all your stores from a single central counsel, saving you both time and money. By using the cloud, Retail Express avoids many of the pitfalls of a conventional multi store inventory system, like multiple databases, corrupted data, and multi database polling issues.

POS System

The POS retail system is wrapped into a sleek interface that is both powerful and easy to use. Simply scan products into the transaction using a barcode or by performing a search of the description, product code or style code. The interface also shows the availability across all stores including other warehouses, allowing you to sell stock from any of these locations by adding them to the order. The system allocates stock at these other locations and automatically processes the stock transfers live; updating your inventory in the background as you run your daily business. The interface also makes it easy to change your price, add a discount to a single line item or to the total price of the sale.Retail Express gives you everything you need to develop long-lasting customer relationships. Features include branded loyalty cards, safe storage of customer's personal information, and the ability to identify customer behaviour and define your market using Retail Express’s powerful data mining capabilities. The software also provides everything you need to create a lasting relationship with your customers. Offerings include loyalty points, custom gift vouchers and optimised discount structures and rewards programs. Retail Express even includes a powerful integrated newsletter and CRM to help keep your customers up to date on the latest news, offerings and products of your business.

Simple Solution

Chief among the reasons that people are switching to Retail Express is that it is simple and easy to use. No installation is required as this premium ePOS system exists entirely in the cloud hosted on an $85 million database. Server maintenance and IT support are all taken care of by Retail Express, leaving you more time to concentrate on retail. Finally, Retail Express provides a sleek interface that provides everything you could ask for in a POS program. Sales staff will be confidently using the POS within 30 minutes of training. If you are eager to see more details on how this premium ePOS software can help your business, contact Retail Express today for a live personalised product demonstration.

Looking to fast track your growth with a smarter point of sale system? Contact the Retail Express team today on 1300 732 618.

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