June National Retail Sales Results

All Retail Verticals Summary

June saw an overall growth of 2.9% on May but was down 10% on the same period last year.Despite May’s exceptional performance with the most successful Mother’s Day in 4 years (a growth of 15.3% on April), June still fared marginally better.

Mother’s Day Retail Sales Growth

Mothers Day graph

June was a surprisingly balanced month with very little sporadic movement. There was a comfortable rate of sale each week for all sectors with minor changes seen throughout the month right up until the last week where we see all verticals increase.

Australian Retail Index Change in Overall Retail Sales 1-30 June 2015

June 2015 compared to the same period last year shows a decline of almost 10%. June 2014 also saw little major movements but leveled in the positives for most of the month. The only major change was seen in Fashion and Accessories peaking at 17.4% mid month.

Australian Retail Index Change in Retail Sales 1-30 June 2014

ARI - June 1-30 June 2015

The biggest week across the board in June was the last week ending 27 June with Furniture and Homewares peaking at just over 12% change on the week prior, Sporting and Recreation at 5.68% with Fashion and Accessories just topping last week at 1.2% positive.

Australian Retail Index - Week Ending 27 June 2015

June last week stats

Retail Sectors

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion and Accessories saw a minor drop in sales this month of 1.5% compared to May, significantly less than June 2014, which saw an overall increase in Fashion of 16.6% against May 2014 performance.

Sporting & Recreational Goods

Sporting and Recreational Goods saw the greatest overall drop of 7.6% on May and down more than 10% on last year’s growth in June. July will hopefully see a better month for the Sporting vertical as we move into the new financial year.

Other General Retail

The General Retail vertical (which can include pet stores, discount variety and electronics among others) finished in June up 6.5% on last month but down 4.5% on the same period last year.

Furniture & Homewares

Furniture was the winner this month with overall June performance up 14.5% on last month, only slightly lower than the same period last year (17.7%), lifting the overall average for all retail in June 2015. All data has been sourced from the Australian Retail Index - the nation's first platform for on-the-pulse data on % in daily retail sales, across four sub-sectors. This review of retail performance will be posted here monthly.

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