Online POS Systems Allow Shopping Cart Software to Integrate with E-Commerce Website Design

Many retail businesses are feeling the effects of the shift to online shopping. Those retailers willing to incorporate shopping cart software onto an e-commerce website can really benefit from the increase in orders. In recent years, the way Australians shop has changed significantly. The shift towards researching potential products online and then making their purchases over the internet has increased. This means any retail shop owner with an e-commerce website capable of accepting online payments has noticed an increase in profits. Yet, in order to facilitate this type of online transaction, it’s important to have access to the right POS systems.

Choosing a POS system that can be integrated with shopping cart software on an e-commerce website can make the entire ordering and payment process much simpler. Customers find the user-friendly transaction process easy to understand. But the ability to track orders placed, stock shipped and payments received is invaluable to retail store owners. The professional team at Retail Express is dedicated to providing only the best possible POS software for exactly this purpose. Their cost-effective POS software solutions are extremely flexible and are able to be accessed 24/7 from any computer anywhere in the world with online access.

The systems developed by Retail Express are specifically designed to benefit retail merchants. This allows for easy integration into onsite storefront POS computers, but also allows the same software to operate any online store sales that occur. This allows retail store owners to run brick-and-mortar physical stores at the same time as reaching a broader audience via an e-commerce website, designed specifically to generate more sales. Stock control is also easier using the right POS software, especially for stores with multiple points of sale. All information from all physical stores and the e-commerce website store is stored in a central database, which allows access from all points to check stock availability.

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