Point of Sale Software Can Increase Your Return On Stock By an Average 8% Per Annum

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Retail Express Team
February 7, 2024
Retail Express Team
February 7, 2024

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Retailers are facing more challenges than ever before as they have to deal not only with rising costs but also customers who are resorting more and more to shopping online. Improving efficiency and profitability has become paramount for any business that wants to survive and flourish. Point of sale software can increase profit margins by making all aspects of a retail operation more efficient, from stock control to marketing and Retail Express is the most innovative and advanced solution available on the market.

Point of Sale Software Boosts Efficiency

Many retailers spend too much time on administrative tasks, which reduces the amount of time they can spend on more profitable activities, such as marketing and boosting customer retention rates. This is why Retail Express is the preferred point of sale software for many retailers because it has been proven to reduce time spent on administration by 32%. That’s 32% more time you can spend on increasing your sales and profit margins. Retail Express helps retailers by providing integrated web stores that connect with offline operations so stock levels are updated on the spot. Additionally, it is one of the few POS systems that allow storeowners to upload their products en masse using an Excel sheet, which is a massive time saver. Other features this point of sale software has that boost efficiency include the ability to manage changes to products and inventory from one central computer for all their points of sale in real-time. It also helps that Retail Express uses cloud technology to allow retailers to manage their entire business from wherever they might be using a computer and an Internet connection. Since time is money, saving almost a third of your working hours allows you to focus on other activities such as marketing and customer relationship management. But don’t worry because Retail Express helps you with tat as well as it has a wide range of features to allow you to improve customer loyalty. From customer behaviour analysis to communicating with your customers easily and quickly, there’s not better partner to have in your corner when trying to increase customer retention rates than Retail Express

Improve Inventory Management with Your Point of Sale Software

Point of sale software generally features an integrated inventory management system but few POS systems can boast of such an advanced system as the one that comes integrated with Retail Express. This POS software solution features an intelligent ordering system, which helps to ensure you are ordering the right products when they are needed. Thus, you will no longer be stuck with excess inventory that is slow moving and you will know exactly which products have the highest and quickest turnover rate, allowing you to increase sales. In fact, retailers using Retail Express have found that they have improved their return on stock by 8% per annum. In other words, calculate 8% of what you spend every year on your inventory and celebrate because that is money you won’t have to spend anymore. Retail Express is an innovative point of sale software solution that is designed to help retailers become more competitive and increase their profitability. With this system, growing your business will no longer seem like an impossible dream because your profits will increase and the time you spend on mundane tasks will decrease, allowing you to focus on expanding your operation.

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