POS Solution Puts Powerful Retail Intelligence in Every Store

In its most basic sense, Retail Intelligence is about the gathering and management of knowledge about your shoppers through the collection and analysis of data obtained during all types of retail activities – from customers’ buying patterns, brand loyalties and responses to special offers, all the way to pedestrian traffic in the store. It is critical to achieving a better understanding of buyer behaviour with a view to anticipating future demand patterns – which makes a POS solution that integrates retail intelligence into its core functionality a must for the retailer who wants to maintain competitive edge. This is especially the case in a marketplace of online shops, mobile devices, and other technologies that give the savvy shopper far more options and decision-making power than ever before at all stages of the purchasing experience.

Retail Express offers a highly scalable, feature rich POS software solution that intelligently manages retail information to drive sales and provide unique insights into a wide range of sales metrics and business intelligence data. It is built around a “customers come first” philosophy, so that in addition to incorporating advanced customer intelligence features, it also helps retailers retain more clientele and encourage repeat purchases via the use of branded loyalty cards and more personalised (as well as more closely targeted) methods of communication. A core driver behind this aspect of the retail POS system is a powerful CRM which provides the insights needed to ensure your store is consistently more attractive to your target market than your competitor’s. One way in which this is achieved is through a consistent flow of relevant news, offers and other updates to the customer’s Inbox, ensuring you remain highly visible to your most loyal customers. With web shopping now commonplace and a “digital first posture” at the core of the modern consumer’s buying habits, no EPOS software system would be complete without close integration with web store sales channels. Retail Express does all of this and much more, packaged with a website – based on a robust, tested, world-class web platform – that is 100% integrated with the core POS software.

In addition to saving the retailer the time and expense involved in building an ecommerce solution from scratch, this holistic approach to sales channel integration gives you immediate, real-time access to a wide range of web store shopping metrics, enabling you to instantly respond to customer needs, as well as benefit from better insights for profitability and growth. This type of close integration across all modules of the POS solution, combined with advanced reporting and dashboard facilities, helps managers monitor and react in real-time to all aspects of their business, including costs and margins, sales figures, gross profits, inventory levels and valuation, forecasts and projections, and much more. With mobile technology reshaping how we serve our customers as well as how we shop, an intelligent retail POS software system must also be able to respond in real time to changes in the business when and as they happen, regardless of location.

Retail Express keeps all your retail data safe and accessible anywhere 24/7 in a centralised, secure, highly robust data centre that eliminates all the problems inherent to a multi-site solution such as data corruption and the need to maintain expensive hardware on-site. Designed both with and for intelligence, Retail Express is a POS solution built for the 21st century.

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