Retail Express and Magento Commerce Partnership Ensures Effortless Online Selling

Retailers can easily expand their operations by taking their business to the web. Implementing an online store software solution allows traditional retailers to reach a larger number of customers and, thus, increase their sales and profitability. However, many retailers have attempted to launch their own webshop but have seen little success, mainly due to the fact that the shopping cart solution they have opted for has led to their online store being run like a separate entity. This causes massive problems as retailers spend more and more time on administrative duties instead of focusing on marketing and increasing sales. Retail Express not only offers a point of sale software system that will make retail management a breeze but they have also partnered with Magento commerce to offer integrated web stores to their customers. Thus, retailers can now manage their web stores as an integral part of their business as their online inventory is synchronised with in-store stock and is updated in real time.

Additionally, customers can enjoy the benefits of the wide range of tools offered by the Magento online store software platform, including analytics and reports, customer management features and marketing tools. Retail Express makes life as simple as possible for any retailer by offering this plug ‘n play online store software package as they handle everything from ecommerce website design to hosting on their own servers. Therefore, all retailers have to do is upload their products and start selling. The decision to partner with Magento was fuelled mainly by the extensive features this online store software offers as well as the numerous designers and developers focusing on this platform. This allows retailers to take advantage of a wide range of skillsets to ensure the success of their online venture.

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