Retailers See Significant Rise in Profitability from Retail Express Partnership with Magento Commerce

Retail Express, the leading retail software, has partnered with Magento Commerce to offer their customers a cost-effective, user-friendly solution to set up an integrated web store. Retailers today have more competition than ever, thanks to the Internet. Many online stores do not even have a brick-and-mortar store, allowing them to offer more attractive prices. Additionally, people are always looking for more convenient ways to shop and shopping from home is the ultimate convenience. An online presence also gives retailers the opportunity to reach a larger market since they are no longer limited by geography.

Clearly, any retailer who wants to be competitive and increase their sales needs to establish an online presence. However, many shy away from doing so because they consider it a separate business, which would involve more work. Likewise, there are those who have attempted to set up an online store but have found it too technically challenging or too expensive. Retail Express has partnered with one of the best shopping cart software solutions on the market to offer their customers an easy, affordable option that will allow them to set up their online store quickly and simply. The Retail Express team handles the design of the store and personalises the look for each company.

The Magento Commerce system is fully integrated with Retail Express, meaning that the inventory updates in real time and ensures the online store is part of the retail business, rather than a separate entity. Combined with the numerous other tools offered by Retail Express, such as the great marketing resources and systems, retailers can significantly increase their turnover and expand their client base. The online store will also increase profit margins per unit sold and increase the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

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