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How Johnny’s Furniture slashed 100's of manual labour hours & gained full inventory visibility with Retail Express.

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Return on investment results

Johnny's Furniture implemented Retail Express to support store expansion and growth that:

Saved 450 labour hours per week

Expedited Layby sales to optimise cash flow

Improved margins dramatically through real-time COGS data

Automated their fulfilment processes

Achieved their best sales month on record

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The Company

After more than 10 years in operation furniture retailer, Johnny’s Furniture had grown from supplying furniture for 5‐star hotels in Melbourne to expanding and operating over 15 high-quality stores across Australia.

Despite rapid expansion, their business goals remained the same — to source the best quality products, think outside the box, and offer incredible furniture deals to customers.

The Problem

Johnny’s Furniture quickly recognised that they needed more advanced software systems that could cope with the complexities of running a multi-store furniture retail operation.

As they grew from a small retailer to a multi-store business, they were consistently running into increasingly manual processes and limitations with their POS software, Vend. With 70% of Johnny’s Furnitures’ sales being pre-orders from in-transit stock, managing their estimated times of arrival (ETA) for customers was crucial, and a process that warehouse and in-store staff were spending excessive time on. 

With productivity across every business function and customer experience hurting, Johnny’s Furniture knew they had to look for alternative software that could support their growth.

“We just reached a point where our previous system - Vend - was limiting our growth, customer experience and efficiency. As we expanded there was a need for a system that could handle the complexity of multiple store furniture retail operations.”

 – Corey Davison, National Operations Manager

The Solution

Johnny’s Furniture easily implemented automated processes and increased supply chain visibility when they discovered Retail Express.

After switching from Vend to Retail Express, Johnny’s Furniture quickly made use of the collaborative features their new POS system provided. Retail Express had highly visible stock availability and fulfilment features that gave them the real-time view of stock in every store and throughout the supply chain that they needed to make transferring stock and giving customers an accurate ETA a simple task. 

They also discovered exactly how much they could optimise their cash flow and margins with powerful visibility through reporting features that automatically reflected their costs of goods sold (COGS) and allowed them to set optimal pricing and promotional offers to stay competitive, all without spending excessive time on manual work.

“The advanced features of Retail Express slash the unnecessary admin hours our store and warehouse teams were wasting on phone calls, while allowing our customers to get an accurate, (and usually faster) ETA. This is going to be central to our competitiveness – especially as we expand stores.”

 – Corey Davison, National Operations Manager

The Software

The Results

Johnny’s Furniture has slashed their manual admin work, giving staff more time to focus on delivering a world-class customer experience. 

Automated & real-time fulfilment processes

Since switching to Retail Express, the team at Johnny’s Furniture have saved 450 labour hours per week through automated, optimised fulfilment processes — enabling them to have full visibility over the supply chain status of items and give customers accurate availability and ETA information without having to call the warehouse. 

Staff instead can confidently access real-time data direct from Retail Express, and the warehouse team are equipped with daily delivery and pickup reports, allowing them to receive and pick stock in record time. 

Inventory management for Laybys & incoming stock

Before implementing Retail Express, a lack of visibility over incoming inventory meant staff weren’t aware of stock becoming available for Layby customers and were battling with stock being held in stores awaiting deliveries. But their Layby and stock issues have been slashed with real-time inventory allocation and management capabilities

Now, staff can see incoming stock in real-time, and assign inventory to customers based on their Layby order — allowing customers to collect and pay for their items sooner. Incoming stock management also allowed staff to assign orders for home delivery or warehouse pickup before they arrived, diverting stock away from stores and freeing up space to display more products and generate more sales.

“This is a dream for both the salesperson and our business overall. Store salespeople can generate revenue just by looking at laybys that can now be fulfilled today. It means we are optimising our cash flow,” says National Operations Manager, Cory Davidson.

This shift to Retail Express resulted in Johnny’s Furniture recording their best sales month in the company’s history. 

Real-time reporting for accurate COGS & margin maintenance

With Retail Express, Johnny’s Furniture has access to real-time reporting, giving them reliable COGS data and the agility to adjust prices to balance and maintain margins as soon as changes occur in their supply chain. 

Staff have been able to easily update costs to reflect each store’s cost of goods and make informed decisions on prices and promotional offers — giving them one accurate source of truth, rather than guessing. 

“Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system. It’s been a game‐changer across every single part of our business. We would have made the move much earlier in our growth journey if we’d known such features were available in this software platform.”

- Corey Davison, National Operations Manager

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