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How Rembrandt transformed their omnichannel experience with Retail Express in less than 10 weeks.

In under 10 weeks, men's fashion retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer, Rembrandt, built and launched an omnichannel inventory management and sales experience using Retail Express' POS software and integration with ERP solution, Sync.

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“I truly believe Retail Express and Sync will set the pace of multi-store, omni-channel best practice in this really tough world of retail.

We’ve got a software solution that now allows us to be the best in every part of our business, deliver outstanding value to customers and quickly change our processes."
– David Lyford, Managing Director

Return on Investment Summary

In less than 10 weeks, Rembrandt introduced an integrated tech stack that:

Maximised sales through one source of inventory across all channels

Minimised overstocks & understocks with auto stock replenishment

Streamlined special orders from suppliers and gained real-time ETAs

Utilised Retail Express x Sync integration for a seamless POS & ERP

Easily trained staff with a comprehensive onboarding & support portal

Reduced costs for ownership, implementation and labour hours

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The Company

Men’s fashion retailer, Rembrandt, started as a small tailoring store in Wellington, NZ. Fast forward to today and the company has transformed into an omnichannel design, manufacturing, wholesale and retail operation selling ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing and accessories across 14 retail stores in New Zealand and Australia.

The Problem

Over the last ten years, Rembrandt’s business model significantly shifted from only manufacturing to a wholesale, retail and eCommerce operation, leaving their business software lagging.

Their ERP and POS software were operating separately, resulting in duplicated and difficult to manage data and expensive software costs. And the costs and development time needed to update their software to efficiently run multiple stores and their online site would be significant.

Managing Director, David Lyford, and his team knew they needed to make a shift. And they reached this decision during a challenging time when COVID related lockdowns required Rembrandt to temporarily close their stores. The team saw this as an opportunity to update their software and put their business in the best position to come out of lockdown stronger and able to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

“We realised that as our business model had fundamentally changed, so did our technology need too. We needed best-in-class but cost-effective software that allowed us to be digitally enabled, manoeuvre quickly, offer amazing customer experiences and be highly efficient in all the channels we now operate in.”
 – David Lyford, Managing Director

The Solution

After comparing software providers, Rembrandt approached Retail Express and ERP solution, Sync, to build a fully integrated cloud-based retail tech stack that could meet their changing needs.

During their search for a new software solution, Rembrandt discovered cloud-based ERP solution, Sync, specifically designed for apparel and offering a fixed-price implementation for an investment they could predict. From there, they searched for a cloud-based POS solution that could integrate with Sync and their Shopify store to achieve a best-of-breed, omnichannel technology stack.

It was with Retail Express that they sound a solution that could offer multi-store retail capabilities, integrate with Xero accounting software and Rembrandt’s existing Shopify eCommerce store and could work with Sync to build a directly integrated solution that efficiently manages every factor of their operations. 

Retail Express quickly collaborated to build an integration with Sync, and Rembrandt benefitted from a full migration of data, streamlined business processes and a complete implementation in under 10 weeks. 

“The chemistry with Retail Express and Sync felt really good. They went the extra mile to fully understand our business goals and to present a solution that best met them. There was a cultural fit between us all that led us to quickly decide this was the way we wanted to go.”
 – David Lyford, Managing Director

The Software

The Results

With cloud-based solutions Retail Express & Sync, Rembrandt has transformed their omnichannel experience by pooling their inventory, setting up automated stock replenishment and giving staff visibility and control over the Special Order supply chain.

In under 10 weeks, Rembrandt was equipped with powerful POS and ERP solutions, and integrations that gave their staff the visibility and control they needed to offer a customised experience for buyers. 

Agile inventory management & automated replenishment

As one of their biggest transformations, Rembrandt used Retail Express’ eCommerce POS features to pool their inventory across their entire operation — combining previously siloed wholesale, retail store and eCommerce inventory allocations to maximise stock availability and choice for the customer.

Leveraging their inventory across every channel was streamlined through automated inventory management capabilities — specifically, Rembrandt automating their stock replenishment to accurately allocate inventory between their wholesale, retail and eCommerce teams based on actual customer demand. 

Supply chain visibility from point of sale

In-store customer experience was also improved with Retail Express’ cloud-based POS solution, giving staff real-time visibility of stock availability in the supply chain and the option to instantly allocate incoming stock to a customer order and secure more sales. With Rembrandt often supplying customers with high-quality, made to measure wedding wear, ordering, tracking and fulfilling Special Orders has been a crucial benefit for staff and customers alike. 

Staff can now offer customers a range of different pickup and delivery options, provide accurate ETAs and set pricing, discounts and promotional offers based on their margin of goods in just minutes, completely streamlining an important experience for Rembrandt and their customers each and every time. 

“We believe the future of retail is to be a be low cost, efficient and agile businesses but with best-in-class Omni-channel processes and technology at the core… With Retail Express and Sync we are now more transparent, seamless and agile to adapt in a rapidly shifting market. We have a software solution with a much lower cost of ownership and will be able to further lower operating expenses in the business due to reduced labour needed for manual tasks.”
- David Lyford, Managing Director

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