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Informed Retailer Case Study

How a leading Australian fast-fashion retailer has adopted next-level software to fast track their growth.

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“By having all our core operations managed from one platform we can reduce our IT admin overheads, unveil deep insights and, most importantly, deliver the best customer experience possible.”
– Daniel Ma, Managing Director

Return on Investment Summary

systems to stay ahead in fast-fashion.

Offering the latest trends in women’s apparel and accessories at affordable prices, SES Fashion are truly a fast-fashion brand on the rise. With 21 stores across New South Wales, Melbourne and Queensland, they’ve clearly found a scalable formula for success. Alongside the impressive growth in their physical store network, their online market share is also expanding rapidly thanks to a focus on fast delivery times and great customer service.

However, as Managing Director Daniel Ma points out: “In order to sustain our rapid growth and best meet customer needs, we realised we would require business technology that can support us today and far into the future. We need advanced tools that allow us to stay at the forefront of retail best practice and become truly omni-retail”.

One advanced solution for an entire
omni-retail operation.

SES Fashion has implemented Retail Express across all 21 locations plus their e-commerce store.

With Retail Express POS and Retail Management Software, SES employees now have access to one cloud solution to efficiently manage Point of Sale, Marketing & Loyalty, Inventory & Supply Chain and Reporting & Analytics processes across all their stores – in-store and online. They now have centralised, real-time visibility of all key business data such as inventory levels available at each outlet, customer profiles and pricing & promotions. They are now able to get accurate Supply Chain status data across their entire network to make better inventory planning decisions. This coupled with the ability to introduce process automation such as live stock transfers adds clear efficiency gains for the business.

Unlocking best-practices.

SES can now leverage the advanced loyalty program and profiling capabilities available in Retail Express to drive maximum customer value.

The ability to segment and target customers with highly relevant promotions and messages will help to drive more repeat purchases and return on customer acquisition costs.

“We are very excited by the new practices that Retail Express can unlock for our business. There are some very obvious efficiencies we’ve already identified to implement right away” Says Daniel.

“By having all our core operations managed from one platform we can reduce our IT admin overheads, unveil deep insights and, most importantly, deliver the best customer experience possible” Daniel added.

An exciting partnership ahead.

Retail Express CEO, Aaron Blackman, is delighted to welcome aboard SES Fashion as another leading multi-store retail brand.

“The retail industry is becoming more and more competitive every day. SES have shown they are serious about growth and investing in the right technology to stand out from the crowd. We will work in close partnership with SES to expand their store footprint, fuel their online growth and maximise customer loyalty. We look forward to being a key part of their ongoing success” – Aaron Blackman, CEO, Retail Express

Deliver the best customer experience across all channels.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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