Digital Retail Stocktake Solution

Save time, increase accuracy and keep on selling while you stocktake.
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Say 'no more' to
manual stocktakes!

Retail Express provides a completely digital stocktake solution to increase efficiency and allow you to keep selling while you count.

Say ‘goodbye’ to time-consuming error prone double-entry of data between manual checklists and spreadsheets! Say ‘no more’ to closing your stores during stocktakes!

Simply scan your stock with wireless barcode scanners to perform counts and easily transfer the data to our cloud-based retail POS system for real-time updates of your inventory levels.

digital stocktake

Keep on selling during your stocktakes.

With our digital stocktake solution your customers can still come into your stores and spend.

Retail Express has the unique ability to factor in sales that occur during your stocktake and offset these during the final count. So your stores can remain open throughout your stocktake.

digital stocktake

Effortlessly complete cyclical counts.

With Retail Express, you can use the same ready-made stock count input and reporting templates each time.

There is a record of which product / store area you counted last time. So you can simply pick up where you last finished off, making cyclical stock counts a much simpler practice.

retail pos stock taking

Retail excellence relies on accurate data.

Without reliable inventory data you're unable to get a true picture of your retail operations or provide customers with accurate information.

Precise stocktake data is critical to business intelligence and will enable you to confidently know:

What are your shrinkage levels? How much is theft, damage, unprocessed or missing orders?
Is the asset value of inventory on your balance sheet accurate?
Are your purchasing processes based on calculations of actual stock on-hand levels (or inflated / deflated levels)?
Are your stores and website making sales commitments to customers based on factual inventory holdings?
digital stocktake solution

Grow your business with Retail Express.

Do retail the right way. Cut overhead costs, save time and deliver flawless customer experiences.

“Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.”
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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