Offline POS

Keep on trading even when the internet goes down with the unique, reliable Offline POS mode within Retail Express.
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Reliable and secure

A robust and encrypted back-up option when you need it most.

Offline POS is self-updating, there is no need to upgrade once installed.

Any data stored on your local machine by Offline POS is secured and encrypted.

offline pos system

Keep the sales rolling in

Performs all the core sales functions you need for trading.

You can complete the following tasks when in offline POS mode:

Login to POS
Create a Cash & Carry sale including scan & sell product, search products, discount products, search & create customers, take payment & produce receipts and invoice.
Lookup sales made while offline
Lookup products and customers
Create blank refunds and use money in/out
Receipt printer (if the issue is not your Local Network)
Integrated EFTPOS (if the issue is not your Internet)
offline pos software

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