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Top 5 reasons why you should replace MYOB Retail Manager with Retail Express
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Completely cloud-based POS software

Retail Express POS system integrates seamlessly with MYOB accounting software, meaning we do all the heavy lifting so your key data syncs automatically! 

And because it's hosted in the cloud, there are no servers to maintain and no need for you to action software updates — it all happens continuously to keep your POS system running smoothly. You'll be able to access live, precise data with no more delays or corruption, giving you everything you need across your PC, iPad or Mac, all while integrating with a wide range of other software applications.

“Given that Retail Express is all in the cloud, we didn’t have to buy any additional equipment to manage the software and data.”
—Phillip Wagg, Finance Manager, Just Hockey

Integrate Shopify & a lot more

From integrating with your payment systems and eCommerce store to automating your marketing and inventory replenishment, you’ll be guided by a retail implementation expert on how to put it all together.

By auto-syncing your online and in-store data, you'll get centralised visibility and control of all your operations, so you can offer your customers the best experience and get ahead of the competition.

“With the Retail Express & Shopify integration we will be able to meet and exceed customer expectations wherever they interact with us.”
—Henry Lee, CEO - Napoleon Perdis

Made for omni-channel & multi-store

Unlike many other POS systems, Retail Express POS was purpose-designed for omni-channel by the retail industry. We consulted single and multi-store retail businesses and created a platform that unifies your operations with ease, so you can get the most out of your online and physical stores.

The best part? The Retail Express POS system is designed to help you grow and scale your business whenever you’re ready. Setting up your new outlet is easy when you can access all your data and features instantly, all in one place!

“Retail Express has been pivotal to rapidly expanding our retail stores year-over-year.
All the while growing our profitability and creating a winning customer experience.
If you’re serious about growth, this is the retail software your business needs.”
—Kellie Rigney, Founder, Buyer and Creative Director – ZJOOSH

Easy & intuitive to use

Features like real-time notifications to store employees for online and click & collect orders are built into the Retail Express POS interface and made easy to use for all.

Combined with ‘Google-like’ predictive product search, tailored cross-sell/upsell recommendations and targeted marketing and loyalty campaigns, you and your staff can use all features from Day 1, and reap the benefits of an intuitive system.

“Switching to Retail Express was a breeze. We were able to roll it out to across our stores so quickly and our staff instantly fell in love with it! We’ve finally found a system that gives us all the features we need, without sacrificing on ease of use.”
—Kellie Rigney, Founder, Buyer and Creative Director – ZJOOSH

Australia-based setup & support

We'll provide you with a personal Success Manager, based in Australia, to remotely onboard and guide you through the entire process, with all costs included in the setup.

Your Success Manager will help format and import your data, guide you with your hardware support and get you up and running sooner with the easiest system setup you’ll ever experience.

“Our staff at both head office and store level found it very easy to embrace”
—James Rigden - Co-Founder, Superette

Start using intuitive POS software within weeks

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The top POS software with as many features and integrations as platforms x10 the cost.

All the advanced features and integrations you need, in a simple, easy to use interface.
Guided, fast implementation and ongoing support from Australian retail experts.
Modern, cloud-based solution with affordable plans for business of all sizes.
The only system that thrives as you expand your number of stores and sales channels.

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Affordable pricing plans for all retailers

Retail Express was designed to make best-in-class POS software affordable for all retailers- from single store to large multi-store brands.

Monthly fees starts from as low as $129/mo per store (plus setup).

Various pricing plans are available to best suit your cash flow and instant tax deduction goals.