Print the tickets you need whenever you need them with Ticket-IT and Retail Express.

xero pos integration
Deliver tickets which communicate, engage, and inform customers with ease.
xero pos integration
Place accurate inventory information directly into tickets and promotional batches.
xero pos integration
Improve your brand compliance for all stores.
xero pos integration
A simple to use, easily implemented solution with no downloads or installs.
Gives you the confidence to reduce proofing times, ensuring consistent data brand-wide.
xero pos integration
Build accurate and relevant tickets instantly and error-free.
xero pos system

#1 POS Software in Australia & New Zealand

In-Store Point of Sale

Integrated eCommerce

Streamlined Inventory Management

Customer CRM and Marketing

Smart, Automated Fulfilment

Powerful Loyalty and Retention

Advanced Reporting and Insights

xero pos system

Web-based, Automated Price Ticketing Solution

24/7 web-based accessibility

Automated in-store ticketing

Flexible range of ticket backgrounds and layouts

Improved brand compliance

All data drawn directly from Retail Express

Build your price tickets in seconds not days

Combine Ticket-IT’s in-store efficiency with Retail Express’ operational excellence.

All you need is your Retail Express account to be setup, and we can create your Ticket-IT account and connect you in a matter of minutes.

Once you are connected, all your promotional data and inventory flow directly into your Ticket-IT templates, saving hours on admin.

In-store ticketing automation

Avoid Errors, Improve Accuracy And Save Money

Automated synchronisation means no more data entry errors that can lead to inconsistent information.

With no more tedious re-writing of information to complete, you and your team can invest more time into growing your business.

In-store ticketing automation

Complete Visibility of Ticket Printing In Stores.

Ticket-IT is not just a product for a single store! Ticket-IT gives you total visibility of all the stores in your network in terms of compliance, usage, and the promotions that get sent to them.

Ticketing Automation

The process of printing, sending, and sorting through unwanted tickets is expensive. Ticket-IT automates the manual ticket production workflow, delivering accurate tickets within seconds, not days.

In-store ticketing automation

Get Clarity in Reporting

The manual production and distribution of tickets makes it difficult to audit and report on ticket usage. Ticket-IT manages, reports, and audits all aspects of ticketing for better visibility, governance, and commerce commission oversight.

Save Time With Templates

Ticket-IT can build tickets in any layouts your brand needs! Adding images, barcodes, informational sections, and other designs allows for the most effective and brand compliant tickets possible.

In-store ticketing automation

Process Integration

Ticket-IT has the capability to adjust and build into your current workflows. We aim to make the implementation of our solution as seamless as possible for your brand.

The less changes you have to make, the easier the change management!

In-store ticketing automation

Control of Your Brand

Ticket-IT provides the ability to control and manage in store ticketing effectively. By providing greater visibility, reducing the cost of lost opportunity, and having a positive effect on in store presentation, Ticket-IT makes a fundamental difference to the presentation in your stores.

Consistent Communications

Ticket-IT removes the manual creation of tickets and the errors that occur with repeated human intervention. Ticket-IT delivers consistent and repeatable outcomes, resulting in cost savings through effective use of labour.

Confidence in Delivery

Ticket-IT delivers the confidence to reduce proofing times, and potentially removing proofing all together. Head office have the confidence that both stores and partners have the right information at the right time with the right branding.

Simple to Use

The process of printing, sending and then sorting through unwanted tickets is slow and expensive. Ticket-IT automates the manual ticket production delivering tickets to anywhere in seconds, not days.

Simple to Use

The process of printing, sending and then sorting through unwanted tickets is slow and expensive. Ticket-IT automates the manual ticket production delivering tickets to anywhere in seconds, not days.

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