xero pos integration
xero pos integration

The #1 Unified Commerce Solution for Franchise & Buying Groups

Build an integrated eCommerce and in-store shopping experience your customers and network members will love with Retail Express & Marketplacer.

integrated eCommerce for franchise

A game changing omni-channel solution for Franchise & Buying Groups.

xero pos integration
Launch a consistently branded eCommerce presence with both member autonomy and HQ oversight.
xero pos integration
Drive more sales opportunities for each member with a better performing eCommerce store.
xero pos integration
Consistently deliver the best in-store experience with an intuitive POS solution.
xero pos integration
Maintain precise live stock levels across all members and sales channels.
Introduce best practice omni-channel experiences like Instant Click & Collect and Live Stock-In-Store.
xero pos integration
Easily implement drop shipping from your suppliers and other 3rd parties.
xero pos system

#1 POS Software in Australia & New Zealand

In-Store Point of Sale

Integrated eCommerce

Streamlined Inventory Management

Customer CRM and Marketing

Smart, Automated Fulfilment

Powerful Loyalty and Retention

Advanced Reporting and Insights

xero pos system

Marketplace Solution for Omni-Channel Success

Connect multiple Retail Express databases to one eCommerce store

Dropship from third parties

Endless aisle offering

Product Information Management (PIM)

Community management system

Extensive range of integrations

Build the customer experience & sales machine you and your members have always wanted…

Delivering a consistent customer experience across a member-based business model is often challenging and results in missed sales. Particularly when each member uses different POS systems and tries to create their own eCommerce store with different processes and user experiences.  

You know you want to level-up, but disparate software and siloed data are holding you back.

That’s why you need Retail Express and Marketplacer.

Integrated eCommerce For Franchise

Create a unified eCommerce and in-store presence amongst all your members stores.

With Retail Express & Marketplacer, all your members can be connected into one unified eCommerce store and POS software solution.

Consumers can visit a single, professionally presented website, search for products and see live stock availability and prices in their local stores. When the order is fulfilled, revenue is recognised by the local store (group member).

Members have autonomy to manage their own presence within the eCommerce site, whilst head office gets unified customer data and insights.

A full range of omni-channel fulfilment options can be presented including home delivery, Instant Click & Collect and in-store purchase.

Integrated eCommerce for Franchise

Instantly introduce intelligent drop-shipping

Directly connect your eCommerce store to your suppliers stock to drive sales of products you don’t even hold inventory for across your network. Test new product ranges then add them to your in-store network if they have decent sell through rates.

integrated eCommerce for Franchise

Centralised HQ visibility and consistent brand experiences

Deliver a consistently branded and seamless customer experience across all channels

Provide best value and revenue opportunities for your members with a professional, optimum ecommerce presence delivered for them

Maximise sales potential and offer shoppers more choice by offering all of your members stores stock online

Centralise data for better insights, merchandise planning, inventory optimisation and marketing campaigns

Simplify data and software management through one integrated solution

Avoid members competing against each other for the same search terms and audiences in digital advertising which causes rising bid costs

eCommerce Solution for Franchise

Delight your network members and customers


Gain better customer reach and more sales through a professionally presented and search optimised online presence that is promoted nationwide and has more products listed

Still have the option to publish unique stock only offered in your store

Offer your customers the seamless omni-channel experience they now demand


Enjoy a consistently branded and seamless customer experience that maximises choice and convenience

eCommerce Solution for Franchise

A Direct 2-Way Integration Between Marketplacer and Retail Express

Sync product information

The bi-directional API connector can push product information from your Retail Express POS instance directly into your Marketplacer site (or vise versa).

Accurate stock levels

Stock levels across the all platforms and channels are updated regularly.

Flexible fulfilment options

Customer orders can be fulfilled through the marketplace or pushed to stores for in store click and collect (or other channels if applicable).

Unified commerce

Integrate your front & backend systems and communication channels to create powerful data & insights that ensure a seamless customer experience.

Unified commerce

Integrate your front & backend systems and communication channels to create powerful data & insights that ensure a seamless customer experience.

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