xero pos integration
xero pos integration

Maximise efficiency & margins on The Iconic Marketplace.

Unlock your full sales potential, minimise operational costs and ensure you meet your Seller Centre KPIs with Retail Express.

myob pos system

Grow your marketplace presence the right way - Integrate Retail Express with The Iconic

xero pos integration
Sync products, pricing and inventory data between our omni-channel POS and The Iconic Seller Centre to enable easier, centralised & automated processes.
xero pos integration
Send tracking details to The Iconic by using the Retail Express - Shippit integration or customise your fulfilment workflows with 3PL integration.
xero pos integration
Efficiently manage your inventory and order fulfilment within Retail Express and automatically update the status in The Iconic Seller Centre to meet your KPIs.
xero pos integration
Efficiently manage your inventory and order fulfilment within Retail Express and automatically update the status in The Iconic Seller Centre to meet your KPIs.
Get centralised visibility & control of your inventory to allocate between your different marketplaces, owned stores and eCommerce site(s).
xero pos integration
xero pos system

#1 POS Software in Australia & New Zealand

In-Store Point of Sale

Integrated eCommerce

Streamlined Inventory Management

Customer CRM and Marketing

Smart, Automated Fulfilment

Powerful Loyalty and Retention

Advanced Reporting and Insights

xero pos system

Leading Marketplace for Fashion and Footwear

16 million site visits each month

1.4m social media followers

Website & App

1000+ local and international brands stocked

Extensive brand amplification and marketing options

Powerful reporting dashboard

Brand partnership opportunities

Maximise your sales potential, minimise your operational costs and ensure you meet your KPIs

Marketplaces like The Iconic present a major opportunity to brand visibility, reach and sales revenue.

However, these platforms have historically required a lot of manual work to separately manage products, pricing, inventory and fulfilment processes – meaning your operating expenses can be high and your margins eroded.

Operate on more than one marketplace and the headaches of duplicated admin become even bigger!

In-store ticketing automation

With the powerful integration between Retail Express and The Iconic, you can then leverage our powerful omni-channel POS platform to centralise and streamline your marketplace management, automating key processes and providing total control and visibility.

By eliminating manual admin and automating key processes, you can:

Reduce operational costs and maximise margins.

Improve your Seller Ratings Metrics and search result positions in The Iconic marketplace.

More manageably expand your listed product range.

Efficiently scale up the number of marketplaces your listed on.

In-store ticketing automation

Make product, inventory & pricing management easy. No more duplicated work!

Automatically sync your product, pricing and inventory data between Retail Express omni-channel POS and The Iconic Seller Centre.

Centrally manage your data in Retail Express for your presence on The Iconic along with your owned stores and eCommerce site(s) – achieve one source of truth!

Eliminate the duplicate work of entering data and managing admin processes in each of your marketplaces admin portals.

In-store ticketing automation

Automate your marketplace orders and fulfilment management to meet your KPIs.

Orders from The Iconic are automatically synced into Retail Express.

You can then leverage the powerful order management and fulfilment capabilities of Retail Express to streamline and automate processes and eliminate manual admin.

The status of orders are then automatically updated in the marketplace to ensure you meet your Seller Centre KPIs.

In-store ticketing automation

Get centralised visibility and control of inventory. Eliminate stock outs that hurt your KPIs.

Use Retail Express to ensure you have inventory available and allocated to meet your KPIs on The Iconic while ensuring your owned stores remain stocked to avoid lost sales.

Get visibility of inventory across your entire supply chain including stock allocated to The Iconic and other marketplaces.

Automatically replenish your inventory based on actual demand to eliminate lost sales while avoiding overstocking.

In-store ticketing automation

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Change is hard. We get it.

We believe migrating to a new software should NOT mean putting your business on hold.

We also believe the right software partner guides you through the entire setup and helps you every step of the way.

We provide you with a personal Success Manager based in Australia to remotely onboard you and guide you through the entire process.
Our team will help format and import your product and customer data and get you up and running!

Get all inclusive, best-in-class support from local retail experts.

Our support team is made of retail experts based in Australia. Get fast, reliable all-inclusive support. Because we believe in partnerships, not transactions.

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Retail Express was made by retailers, for retailers.

Retail Express powers thousands of Australian and New Zealand retail stores with advanced POS software. We give retailers the tools they need to accelerate their growth and succeed in today’s hypercompetitive retail terrain.

For over 16 years, Retail Express has supported over 5,263 retailers and drivenover $50 bn in AU and NZ retailsales through a combination of advanced software features, outstanding support and unparalleled industry expertise.

Win, grow and keep more customers.

Cut down on the duplicate work and meet your customers wherever they are. Reduce lost sales and increase your margins with Retail Express.

“Until you’ve seen and tried Retail Express you have no idea of what you’re missing out on with your current system.”
— Corey Davison, Johnny's Furniture

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