Vend vs Retail Express POS, here's what you get

Here are 5 honest points for why you should switch when comparing Retail Express to your current Vend service.
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Lightning fast support from real experts

Retail Express has an average response time of less than 60 seconds for Australian-based retailers, no waiting around when you've lodged a ticket — we resolve your problems on the spot, within your timezone. How? The Retail Express Support Team are vetted experts who, just like you, have a retail background and now specialise in providing the best retail technology they know you need.

Whether you're in multi-store apparel retail or single-store sports or homeware goods, our team do the heavy lifting when you switch from Vend or other POS systems and even migrate your POS data for you. With one-on-one remote onboarding with your own personal Australian-based Success Manager and role-specific online, self-paced training, you'll get up and running quicker. So why bear the pain and lack of support any longer?

"The POS Customer Service Team are wonderful, with prompt efficient assistance & are always patient and instructive"
—Business Owner | Pilates World

Advanced stock & supply chain management

While a basic POS system might work for simple cash and carry retailers, as soon as you have some degree of complexity in your business and omnichannel inventory you need a better POS system that can support you.

With Retail Express, handling a complex product portfolio, moving stock between stores, managing special orders, viewing live ETAs of supply chain PO's and setting up Click & Collect based on live stock availability all becomes simple. During your free demo, we'll show you exactly how our stock and supply chain management features will work for your business model so you can see your ROI instantly.

“We just reached a point where our previous system...was limiting our growth, customer experience and efficiency. As we expanded there was a need for a system that could handle the complexity of multiple store operations”
—Corey Davison, Operations Manager | Johnny's Furniture

Correct data across your whole business

Using Retail Express' Offline POS Mode, you can continue selling even when your connection goes down. With a 99.9% uptime and Microsoft Azure infrastructure, your data is securely managed and updated in real-time.

All of your sales and product data is stored and synced across every store and channel, meaning you don't run into any cross-platform data integrity issues.

Retail Express takes into consideration what inventory is in and out of stock, and it also takes into account all the other conditions, in real-time, such as stock allocated to Click & Collect orders, stock in transit and products currently on order.

"We have the real-time data and features available to us to deliver consistently excellent customer service"
— Sarah Foley, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager | International Fashion Brands

Reporting & integrations at heart

Retail Express' deeper integration with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms allows you to connect multiple stores, offer cross-channel vouchers and promotions, and gives you accurate, real-time data across every store.

The ability to integrate deeply with your business applications is one of our core strengths. When Retail Express say it integrates, it really integrates! 5,000+ customers can't be wrong. This also allows you to make more data-driven decisions based on centralised information.

Retail Express has such advanced reporting features which surpass POS systems x10 the cost and truly reduces your need to use relics like Excel spreadsheets. Deep integrations with Xero, MYOB, eCommerce stores, various payment systems and more, means your sales and financial data is always accurate and the same everywhere.

"Retail Express allows us to get deep insights into the historic sales performance of all items in our portfolio ...we’re able to more accurately make decisions on what to buy, in which quantities and when for each store"
— Neil Cresswell, CFO | Early Settler

A much simpler process to success

1. We focus on your unique retail needs - In your free demo, we'll show you the powerful features that you want and need right now. From a quick response predictive lookup and how to search by any data point, to reports that will save you hours of manual work! Our demos are always tailored to your needs.

2. We make onboarding efficient and pleasant - We'll help you migrate all your old POS data and help with hardware setup. You will have access to a video training pathway tailored to each role within your company. Everyone will also have access to quick-learn pathways so that they can be effective within hours.

3. We make using a more advanced system easy and fun - You'll have a local support team to help you at any point, during training or right from within the store while you're with a customer, we're a phone call away!

“Retail Express is very quick and easy for our store staff to use. It is designed in a very intuitive way to process transactions as quickly as possible.”
— Mark Sears, General Manager | Kaisercraft

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The top POS software with as many features and integrations as platforms x10 the cost.

All the advanced features and integrations you need, in a simple, easy to use interface.
Guided, fast implementation and ongoing support from Australian retail experts.
Modern, cloud-based solution with affordable plans for business of all sizes.
The only system that thrives as you expand your number of stores and sales channels.

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Affordable pricing plans for all retailers

Retail Express was designed to make best-in-class POS software affordable for all retailers- from single store to large multi-store brands.
Various pricing plans are available to best suit your cash flow and instant tax deduction goals.